Published on October 12, 2021 (Updated on April 07, 2022)

WorldEdit: Bedrock Edition (Selections and Limits!)

This is a Minecraft Bedrock addon port of the famous WorldEdit mod for Minecraft: Java Edition. The addon comes with custom commands to make building easier, and more fun! Not only that, there are also custom items to make it easier for anyone on any device to use this. Please note that this addon is currently in its beta stage, and requires experimental features. To be on the safe side, make a backup of your world.

What's New

Creation made with WorldEdit

By: SIsilicon and Zookz

By: Rezza (Twitter)

By: Jee_B

By: EvilKiller321 (YouTube)

By: elCocoro (Twitter)

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Please read the quick start section in Settings > How to Play while playing in a WorldEdit enabled world, for a short guide on how the addon works.

For more extensive information, please visit the addon's online documentation site ( If you have questions, please visit the doc's FAQ page.


WorldEdit: Bedrock Edition has many of the important features that the original mod has. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Clipboard manipulation (Cut, Copy, Paste)
  • Stacking blocks and regions
  • Rotating and flipping regions
  • Making cuboid region selections
  • Powerful block patterns and masks
  • Navigation commands
  • Generating shapes
  • Creating walls, lines and outlines
  • Smoothing terrain
  • Undo and redo
  • Filling and replacing blocks
  • Painting with brushes
  • A convenient WorldEdit kit to access common features

These features will be added/planned in the future.

  • More tools and brushes
  • More selection shapes
  • Saving and loading structures across worlds
  • Advanced shape generation
  • Modify biomes
  • Palettes
  • Basically Java Parity!


Bug Reports and Feature Requests

If you've encountered a bug, or have a suggestion for this addon, please go to the issues page to see if your bug or request has already been reported. If not, feel free to do so!


Speak another language? Help the addon become more localized by going to the addon's Crowdin page here.


This addon is under the GPLv3 license. This means that you:

  • CAN modify, copy and distribute this addon.
  • CAN use it privately or for commercial use.
  • CAN'T change the license of your modified version.
  • CAN'T make the modified source code closed.
  • HAVE TO indicate any changes in the modified version.

Videos of the addon are also allowed, but you must link to this page for downloading. You also don't HAVE to credit me, but it would be great if you did! 😁

But remember. Plagiarism is still plagiarism.

Special Thanks

The backbone of this addon's code is a modified version of notbeer's GameTest API Wrapper.

And thanks to the original creator of the WorldEdit mod "sk89q" and EngineHub as a whole. They developed and excellent mod, and I'm just simply making a version of it work on bedrock. They're the real heroes. :)


It took time and effort to make this addon, so if you can, please support me by becoming a Patreon, or donating via PayPal! You can also join Discord or follow on Twitter to be notified of any new additions to the addon.

Select version for changelog:

  • You can now bind to any item and block, vanilla or modded!
    • Mobile players should best use items like snowballs, swords and food items to avoid breaking blocks by accident. 
  • Revamped the config UI to support creating, managing and deleting tools and brushes
  • Added selection modifying commands (;shift, ;outset, ;inset, ;expand, ;contract)
  • Selection extend mode (;sel extend). With this, you can extend your selections with each second position mark (tap without sneak)
    • You can go back to normal mode with ;sel cuboid
  • Make distant selections with ;hpos1, ;hpos2, and the far selection wand
  • ;limit command and ability to limit block changes. Useful for when you want to avoid too many blocks being placed at the same time, accidentally or on purpose.
  • License section in Settings > How to Play
  • Added more config options:
    • Max brush radius
    • Navigation wand distance (effects any operation that traces blocks)
    • Default selection wand
    • Default navigation wand
    • Default change limit (set by ;limit)
    • Max change limit (limits ;limit command)
  • Navigation wand is now an ender pearl by default
  • Tool and brush command messages now parity Java
  • Increased default undo limit to 25
  • Improved performance for certain region commands, and when making large selection
  • The smooth brush now works at low Y levels.


Firstly go to the download section link. You'll be going through linkvertise, but it's fine! Just go through as instructed and a file called "WorldEdit.mcaddon" will be downloaded.


After downloading the addon, you open it with Minecraft and it will be imported into your game.

  • Android users need to use a third party file explorer such as CX File Explorer to open the file.
  • iOS users should use Documents.

Once there, choose a world you want to apply this addon to, and add the behaviour pack and resource pack together. The following experimental features must also be enabled. 

And that's it! Your world is ready for WorldEdit.

Aternos server

To properly add this addon to the server, you first need to upload an already existing world with the required experimental features enabled. You must then install the addon separately in the server's packs folder. Read more about how aternos handles addons and experimental features here and here.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Pinned comment
Don't forget that the add-on is still in its early phase. I'll make video tutorials in the future, but you can visit the docs for now, and join the discord for help and news on updates.
Hi! I really love this add-on but somethimg bothers me. The Sphere brush doesn't work at the current version 1.18.32 Can you update the version of the addon to make it compatible please? i tried to make a sphere but it did not work
It still works as of 1.18.32. Make sure that you are using the latest version of WorldEdit. And if that's already the case, try restarting or reinstalling Minecraft.
Would you pls make it in 1.17 just asking its fine if you don't I was just wondering ヾ(≧▽≦*)oφ(* ̄0 ̄)q(≧▽≦q)ψ(`∇´)ψ( •̀ ω •́ )✧( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 
It says i dont have permission to use that item.
how do u replace blocks like /replace i want to replace all spruce wood with oak
how to use this? it just spawns a bunch
blocks that i dont mean to spawn
how do i fill an entire area with light blocks?
;set light_block:(light level)
Example -> ;set light_block:15
Doesn't seem like I can input data values for blocks. I wanted to fill in black stained glass but it gives a syntax error when I put in a data value(15).
A colon must go in-between the id and data value.
Example -> stained_glass:15
Is good
Great mod and makes building a TON easier. One question, though. Does everything you built with this get deleted if you remove the mod from a world or delete the mod?
Can you translate the tutorial into French?
wait this is not a mcaddon file then people cant download it
It's an mcaddon file. Just go through linkvertise and you'll be redirected to a direct download.
hey question how did you do the commands? I want through the code but I couldn't figure it out, anyways I did love the addon! It is extremely helpful to say the least. however a few things would bug out sometimes but I'm guessing that's because its beta.
woohoo! by the by, please take some inspiration of a java datapack "BlingEdit" as, in my opinion, thats how world edits should be – user-friendly speaking.
Addon looks great but am having problems importing it can you please make it a mc.addon