Published on October 12, 2021 (Updated on January 24, 2023)

WorldEdit: Bedrock Edition (1.19.50+)

This is a Minecraft Bedrock addon port of the famous WorldEdit mod for Minecraft: Java Edition. The addon comes with custom commands to make building easier, and more fun! Not only that; there are also custom items to make it easier for anyone on any device to use this.
Note: This addon relies on experimental features.

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This update brings in more Java command parity with some new commands. It also fixes a couple bugs in both the addon and app.

What's Changed

  • Added 1.19.60 support, while keeping 1.19.50 support.
    • Versions 1.19.60 and up should once again see better performance when setting large cuboid regions with single block patterns.
  • Upgraded the ;stack and ;move commands. The new flags work just like the ones in the ;copy command.
    • -m "mask": Masks can be used to specify the affected blocks. Blocks that don't match will become air.
    • -a: You can choose to not create/move any air blocks. This applies after the mask.
    • -e: Entities can be included in the operations.
    • You can now specify what blocks to be used as placeholder in ;move. Eg: ;move 5 up water will replace the space the selection was in with water.
  • Added ;center command for placing blocks in the center of your selection.
  • Added ;calculate command for evaluating mathematical expressions in chat.
  • Added ;chunk command for setting your selection to the current chunk or expanding your current one.
  • Fixed global mask sometimes not working.
  • Improved performance for ;stack command.
  • Made the global mask affect the Cut and Copy tools. The ;cut and ;copy commands will not be affected.
  • Fixed the WorldEdit app not looking in the user's com.mojang directories.
  • Removed leftover debug messages.

Full Changelog: v0.7.0...v0.7.1


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Don't forget that the add-on is still in its early phase. I'll make video tutorials in the future, but you can visit the docs for now, and join the discord for help and news on updates.
Danniel plays ph1945 February 02, 2023 at 6:28 am
Great addon! It helped me build faster, but i updated mine to 1.19.70 and its not working again so i think it needs an update for! Thanks
good work but the addon is broken.... again.. for it is not your fault. its just minecraft changing the code all the time and yes, it is annoying but yea.. just so you know.
why cant i flip or rotate using comands
This comment has been removed
Themaximumofmodding January 27, 2023 at 3:38 pm
hey i was working on a map in minecraft and recorded it, i used your mod, do i have permission to publish it? i have the link to the mod in the video description.
This addon is amazing, one of the simplest to use worldedit addons for bedrock for sure.
it doesnt work in 1.19.51
Why aren't the commands working for me at all?
Works perfect on console!
Im enjoying it
Highly recommend for those that wanna do more
Bedrock is now usable! Education Edition can now be enjoyed!
Does this work with android yet?
Yo the behaviour pack it says import failed pls fix it i am using android
Sorry, doesn't work on android. Sorry. (also sorry that the first response took 2 months)
This Addon looks promising.. might give it a go and see
I much rather edit in big chunk of blocks in a world ๐Ÿ˜‚
Thank you so much dude!!