Published on November 12, 2021 (Updated on November 12, 2021)

Better Magic Addon!

Better magic addon adds 9 magic wands for minecraft. all wands make diferent things like freeze mobs, burn mobs and explode watch the video for see all adon features and play this addon.


hostiles mobs can drop mana shards for make the mana

with mana and one bottle you can make the mana bottle

now make the forge table for make the blank wand

interact with the mana bottle in the forge table for put mana in the forge table

now for make the wands just follow the recipes




what wands do:

 dirt wand:

one simple wand that just summon the dirt bullet


dragon wand:

summon the ender dragon bullet


fireball wand:


sumon one fireball

ice wand:

freeze mobs and players

levitation wand:

make mobs and players fly

wither wand:


summon the wither bullet and give the wither effect

and more!!!! (if you want see all magics you can see the video)

Select version for changelog:


Adds craftable wands and every wand have diferents magics. Enjoy ;)


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Also like the addon btw 👍👍👍👍👍
does it use player.jason file?
idk just check the files, and also stop rating ONE STAR because of a player.json