Published on September 29, 2021 (Updated on January 07, 2022)

The Metal Addon! V2.1 Realistic Forge Update!

The metal addon is an addon that adds metal ore that you can make tools and armor. the addon adds a new custom creation table that you can create steel and bronze things. Watch the video to see all features.


new realistic forge:


new silver ore:

spawn in the same level than the metal ore but drop the raw silver that you can put in a furnace and get the silver ingot for craft the gold18k ingot

the metal generation:

metal can spawn underground at y 0 - y 60

put the metal in one furnace to get metal scrap for make the metal table

use the metal scrap to craft the metal table for craft metal stuff. (follow the recipe)

you can craft the new forge table in the metal table just follow this recipe

now you should interact with one lava bucket to fill it with lava:

how to craft metals:

yhou should interact with the material you want screenshots:

to craft steel you should interact with iron 3 rimes and one coal:

now to take the material you should interact with one hammer:

bronze recipe:

3 copper ingots+ 1 iron ingot and use the hammer:

gold 18k: the gold 18k is the new metal in this update you can craft the gold18k armor

recipe: 2 gold ingots 1 silver ingot and 1 iron  ingot:





now every armor recipe is the same but gold 18k dont have tools

steel helmet:


steel chestplate:

steel leggings:

steel boots:


note: gold18k dont hame tools

steel sword:

steel pickaxe:

steel axe:

steel shovel:

steel hoe:

(you can craft bronze armor/tools with the same recipe just use bronze ingots)


Select version for changelog:


-remove old alloy recipes

-add new alloy sistem

-add silver ore raw silver and silver ingot

-add gold 18k and armor-

-add forge table

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3.75 / 5 (4 votes)
Does this work for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.41? Because I replugged in the Addon's Behaviour and Resource Packs, it didn't give me Forge, Gold 18K in command and creative menu.
im not sure because I only tested the realistic forge in 1.18
I find the mod interesting, but I think metal scraps should have more functionality, for example, when you are going to craft steel it would be better to use metal scraps instead of coal.
Nice!! I think if you add alloys to a better addon👍👍👍
This idea is great!! thanks for your feedback and the idea :)