Published on April 27, 2020 (Updated on April 27, 2020)

Better Potions

Tired of old potions or are you poorly orientated towards them? There is a solution - this will help you fix the texture pack, which replaces the textures norma, splash and lingering potions!

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Hello Alexan
I love your better potion texture pack . I am making a combination texture pack so I need your permission to use BTW I will give CREDIT with mcpedl link
Thank You
[ I can't able to find any way to contact youso I comment ]
TheMasterArtificer April 23, 2021 at 2:09 pm
Yo what there needs to be is this but for enchantment books. But this is also really cool, I like it
do the same but with the enchantment books, it would be very cool if you did
its kinda impossible because the enchanted books share the same texture so yeah
Guest-8109232528 May 20, 2020 at 5:43 pm
Yo its KanadaEh here, May I use this kind of format for my potions+ add-on?( What I mean is A way to recognize the potion without looking at the name, and also I'm not going to use ur textures)
One of the best of textures in Minecraft BE
You're a bad man...
You're not original creator...
stfu noob
Esta de la puta madre es genial que buen texture pack
mate, i cant skip the ads, halp me
The pack works with both Experimental Gameplay on and off which is good. But it doesn't work on Realm, please do fix that.
May I ask you to put screenshots of the original creator from planetminecraft give you permission and put credits.And if you are porting something,do it properly.You didn't even port the animations.I apologize for the 1 star if you are the original creator.
Really cool mate!
Wish you apply these on enchanted book too. That would be awesome!!!
It leads me to a site that contains malware
It leads me to a site that contains malware
Can’t use the link pls fix
enchanted books too PLEASE i havent found any yet ???