Published on July 14, 2020 (Updated on July 19, 2020)

Better Scoreboard

Are you bored of the scoreboard you are using? Do you want to try something new? How about adding some flavours into it? Now let me  introduce you my new addon: Better Scoreboard. 

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I really really like how this texture pack looks, but I can't seem to use it on my realm. Whenever I go to the pack and press the gear and change how the background looks and where the scoreboard is, it doesn't actually change anything for me in game. I've tried a lot of things but I have no idea how to fix it, so any ideas?
Can't use in server
ScoreHub plugin can't use
This addon is not for server use.
This is good but it glitched with a big scoreboard the book scoreboard covered my screen i hate that pls fix
Or you can just add a custom_1 but with a book
Good texture
not downloading
Hey Creator Could You Add A Function or behavior pack that removes the "Player Offline" thing when players disconect with scores in scoreboards
It's only possible if you properly setup your scoreboard. There are tutorials out there though.
I have one on youtube if you need to use it. Just use my profile name (SpookedCow) If you need help just message me on xbox. (SpookedCow)
Hi Creator,
what is different between Normal version and Realm version??
In the realms version, the red numbers (score) are removed. So realm owners can make their scoreboard look cleaner.
I love the way this looks, it's so much more appealing than the default scoreboards. I don't really like the way scoreboards are displayed normally (especially in bedrock where the number is displayed right next to the name).
(same person here)
Actually, you might want to fix the book background. You can't see the numbers because they're exactly the same color as the background.
(same person again xD)
Correction: the book background isn't broken, I just applied the realms version of the addon on accident.
Are you making it for your own minigame? I would like to see it in action. Dm me in discord.
i cant open
it say time out
Can you please tell me the dimension ( ___ pixels by _____ pixels)
So I can make a custom thing that’s pixelated. if they are different pixels wide can you tell me the first pictures dimensions. thank you.
Actually it’s the same person so I’m using 180x by 100x pixels on procreate for the custom thing. It is the best type I’ve tried so far. Thanks for making a quality pack! :)
I'm sorry, it was too late for me to realise I that I forgot to mention that.
512x512 is the required resolution.