Published on January 07, 2022 (Updated on April 27, 2022)

Still Image Background Screen [SIBS] | MCBE 1.17-1.18 - Update v1.2

SIBS is a brand new pack that will change the look of Minecraft Screens background! 

as you know, Minecraft screens are just boring, you always see panorama every single time at settings, play, progress,etc. world transition screens are just a bunch of blocks that will makes it boring even more. so I decided to make this pack and finally after 5 days of working, BOOM it's here!!

 What's New?

  • This pack can Increase your Minecraft Experience using this pack
  • Minecraft Screens are less boring than without using this pack

 This pack is GREAT if you're bored with the same Minecraft Screens every single time

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SIBS is basically Better Screen Background, I changed the name because it looks cooler XD

What's new in v1.2 Update :

  •   Screen Animation Supported NOW!!
  •   Fixed Top Bar and and this bracket control hint from play screen and settings screen using new code that I accidentally found
  •   Better background images
  •   Removed Disconnected and (custom)Realm Joining screen



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Love this texture pack
Eyy can u add the menu screen. That wherebis the Minecraft Logo in it... Like u know the Menu Screen before the u touch the "Play Button"