Published on July 06, 2021 (Updated on May 14, 2022)

OTZ TPack Review World (1.17.2+)

have you bored with the most popular texture pack review world?

  want to try to find something similar but better? 

 want 1.17 support? 

 well, here's your solution then.

 this is OTZ TPack Review World created by @The Octazen. this is the most simple, the biggest, and the most detailed map for texture pack review. 


 don't worry, this world will not cause any lag for average devices like me. 

 what I put there includes :

particles, foods, ores, minerals, swords, tools, TARGET BLOCK for bow, overworld and nether, armors, containers, and ultimate review hallway!! 
 There are commands for certain features (particles, teleport, and speed boost mode)


  •  this map allows you to see what blocks, items, mobs changed and not changed by your pack!
  •  this map is similar to the most popular texture pack review map so you can recognize it easily!
  •  an easy way to review your pack :)

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I'm gonna try to fix brief introduction, this is attempt 1



  • Download Here! (5.71 MB)

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Very cool and very nice to go around and explore everything i didnt really see any issue i really liked this :D
It's So Cool Texture Pack Review World And Also Good For Client Review
Nice World Bro❤️
Thanks! This really helped me!!!
if the direct link doesn't work, use zip download :

tutorial :
right click and click extract to "OTZ_Tpack_review_world\".

put the folder into
appdata > local > packages > minecraftUWP******** >
localstate > games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds

open your minecraft and done
I don't have a PC. Many of us don't, so we're left out as usual. Do a true Zip file so it will work.
sorry i can't put the link. just change .mcworld to .zip
Bro parece que se cayó el link, puedes solucionarlo? Parece ser un buen mondo.
Error in link