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Published on December 06, 2020 (Updated on January 27, 2021)

Better Tool Textures V.1.2

Tired of the old, boring Minecraft Tool Textures.....? Well heres the pack for you! This changes all of the tools in minecraft into new and shiny tools! Hope you enjoy it.

(Invisible Item Frames & Borderless Glass is not included!)


Ooh! Very shiny! No more weird outlines on the textures i guess!


Chopping down tree's for resources can be very boring, but thanks to this texture pack, You can have a nice and shiny axes to look at.. i guess.. XD


Absolutely perfect for mining! Don't mine too much though.. your pickaxe can break anytime!


Don't dig straight down.


This is perfect for farming potatoes.. idk what else to put here

Note that this texture pack is still in beta stage! There will be updates in the future that will add more textures. Please check this page frequently as I will put announcements and progress for the next update here.

Have a nice day and I hope you enjoy my creation! :D

1. Don't claim this texture pack as yours!

Don't claim it as your own texture pack or claim that you made it!

2. Don't reupload to any other websites!

Don't reupload texure pack this to another website! You can only find this on McpeDL.. If you found this texture pack on a different app/website, contact me!

3. Don't redistribute the download link!

If you are going to share this to your friends, make a YouTube video or something else, please give the McpeDL Page Link to the texture pack instead!

4. Enjoy the texture pack!

I hope you have fun with it! If you have any suggestions, bug reports, or just give feedback on the texture pack.. just comment down below!

Twitter - @fireliteyt_

Discord - FireliteYT#6976

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• Added "Info" section for updates and announcement as of how the texture pack is going! :D


How to Install (Linkvertise)

Click the link, wait 5 seconds, take a look of some articles for 10 seconds.. and you're done! :D

How to Install (Sub to Unlock)

Click the link, wait 5 seconds... subscribe to my channel and go back to the website! :D


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4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
I like that but can u make Texture pack like this pliss
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Love it! but can you please put a mediafire link because xbox doesn't support any other link except mediafire
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very good textures but can you make a 32x version of them. i use a texture pack called multipixel and i want the textures to fit in
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Hello MariofanYT! Thanks for leaving a feedback.. I will try to make one as soon as possible! 👀
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Aye man i would say take down the sub to download, YouTube actually doesnt allow creators to do that.
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Hello Beastlymirror.. Our team reviewed the YouTube terms of services, guidelines, and policies.. we haven't seen any rules that the 'Sub To Unlock' link violated any rule(s).. If you have any proof that we did violate a rule, please join our discord server or kindly dm me on any of my social media's listed below.. Thanks for commenting :)

Twitter: @fireliteyt_

Discord Username: FIRΞLITΞYT#6976

Discord Server:
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i like the textures but why put the sub to unlock, its annoying. maybe you can put a adfly or linkvertise. I hope you listen to this and change it.
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i like the textures but why put the sub to unlock, its annoying. maybe you can put a adfly or linkvertise. I hope you listen to this and change. TBH i didnt see the read articles thing so yea
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Hello Bosstitan547731.. Thanks for leaving a feedback! The Linkvertise link is the support creator link.. We hope to see you soon! :)
- Firelite
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