Better Villagers Add-On

Better Villagers is an Add-On that makes villagers give better deals, makes them a higher level, and lets you trade with them as much as you want. This allows the player to trade faster and easier. This Add-On does not change the look of the villagers and the items the villagers usually trade with.

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  • Removed the Shrinkearn link because it is just not good.
  • Fixed Linkvertise link


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Hi, would you mind updating with the ability to breed the villagers? Thanks!
Im on xbox one, and when i extract the file i cant find the resource and behavior pack. Plz help
There should only be a behavior pack.
Sorry I don't know what to do because I use PC.
Great addon, but can you just change the price trades. Well heres the problem I traded with the farmer but I don't like his trades but I couldn't change his profession because he is at max level already.
I tried to make the price as low as possible and make it free but Minecraft makes the price one. Also when I was creating this addon I only wanted the price to be cheap but for some reason, it also maxed out the villagers.
Can you make it improve wandering Traders?
Sorry Someone Already Created That. To find them Search Better Wandering Trader Add-on
Don't worry I am fixing that right now.
activate windows dude
sorry but ... weapon smith is buggy. from what I realized he is selling nothing ... as a villager nace and becomes a weapon smith ... he sells nothing. and if I break a block from another profession and put the weapon smith's. he will just change what he changed before becoming the current profession
example: a fisherman ends up becoming a weapon smith. he only sells what the fisherman used to sell, like ... line fish and a bucket of fish .. nothing to do with exchanging a weapon smith
Not anymore.(Fixed)
The addon is very good but please fix the weapon smith :)
What is wrong with the Weapon smith? I see it cost only 1 item to buy.
the weapon smith sells farming items
Sorry, I didn't see that. Don't worry I am fixing that right now.
Sorry for not being logged in, but, in my game the Weapon Smith appears to be broken, and it does so in your screenshots as well. Is there a fix?
What is wrong with the Weapon smith? I see it cost only 1 item to buy. Also, I think the level is random.