No Campfire Smoke

Are you tired of campfire smoke getting in your view? Then this texture pack is for you. No campfire Smoke is a texture pack that removes the smoke from the campfire and the soul campfire.

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This works great! Im playing lammas origin mod and i picked blaze born and i made my floor out of campfires and the smoke was in my way all the time! So i picked this pack and boom no more smoke! Also, to the people who say this pack is pointless its not it is a bit strange but looking from my point of view you want this pack.
can u plz remove the animation of campfire too? like the fire be stuck at one position and does not move plz ?? its a humbel request i really need that
Can you remove the nether fog if that’s possible
The only problem is when you use this texture pack in your survival world... you will never see your house ever so yeah...
Is good