Published on February 07, 2021 (Updated on February 07, 2021)

Better Water

A subtle but good looking change to the water in minecraft, makes it more transparent and adjusts the color to make it look better. this is a quick pack i decided to make

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Bueno pack te puedo preguntar si puedo usar tu paquete con un pack de texturas que estoy haciendo?
i don't understand spanish so i'm using google translate to type this, it may not be the most accurate....

suponiendo que me pregunte si puede poner esto en su paquete, sí, siempre y cuando me acredite

Si quiso decir que el paquete no funciona con otros paquetes, debe poner mi paquete en la parte superior para que sobrescriba otros paquetes.
Okay so, I HATE the new water transparency of 1.16.201 and this just fixes it, thanks!
does it 3wave?
Waving water is a part of a shaders pack, this is a texture pack.