Published on April 24, 2023 (Updated on October 21, 2023)

Biggest Redstone House

Biggest Redstone House By FYLNNN

Author Edition (Bug-Free Version)

Might be the last update

Inspired by my previous map 

"The Most Secure Redstone House

And Euclides

Well It's a bold claim but am quite sure that this is 

The Biggest Redstone House In Minecraft Bedrock.

It has over 150 of mind blowing and amazing redstone creations (should be more am too tired to count all of em)

Checkout My Channel  :)

For feedback

this house has everything necessary for your survival experience.

It has everything you need.

From various different farms, storage system, item sorter, to a tons of different security features.

Due to the request, im adding the mcworld file

Quick Note : If it was revered back to zip format, change the .zip to .mcworld

All of these mind-blowing redstone creations and builds is come with the file size of under 15 MB (Original)

Select version for changelog:

  • Added more images
  • Added more detail explanation
  • Added Bridge
  • Added Town
  • Redesign some part of the Main House
  • Added Secondary House
  • Changed Sculk Sensor to Calibrated Sculk Sensor (Making it more precise)
  • Fixed some Contraptions that are broken in 1.20
  • All Bugs Fixed
  • Removed 3 older version 
  • Added MCWorld (format)


Installation Guides

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I never posted this map outside of mcpedl, so please never download it outside of this website because they're just Reuploader aka thieves
Edit : i've also posted this map on Planet Minecraft Recently
How to go into the main house?
Youn can unlock it by unlock the key system right on the side of the house, which is just beacon combination lock and the ID card to access it
It'd be nice if the installation guide is more clearer on how to import the world
I have 2 questions
1. When u go into the biosphere and at the end there’s the lever with the window on top of it, when i hit it I hear the redstone working but I don’t know what is actually happening so can u tell me?

2. In the library when it says to check behind the stairs, I don’t really know what I’m tryna find so could u also tell me what I’m supposed to be finding?

Thank you
One more question, in the water dome, the button with the little square thing (idk what it’s called), what is that also supposed to do?
Hi there, first of all am so sorry for late replying.
I will answer all of your questions =).
1. It supposed to open the glass cover of the main biosphere chamber(the largest one with plain biome along with village and mansion)

2. Check the bookself behind the main stair of the library it exactly on the middle bottom, basically its the only book with an actual contents inside it, it's just a little easter egg ;)

3. It's conduit, if you turn that on you will be able to breathe under the water and also a night vision (on a limited range from the dome) in case you want to dive XD

Thanks for your feedback sir 🤗
If you guys want to download it, it doesn't work by changing the file from .zip to .mcworld for some reason. Do the LinkVertise, if you have a ad blocker just use a device that doesn't have one, and copy the mediafire link and paste it into your computer.
How do you import it to Minecraft PE then?
Also, please make the bedroom under the hidden stairs nicer.
@ThatWaffleLover135 sure.... Thanks for the feedback :)
The Realistic elevator pushes me trough the floor when going up, can you maybe update it and try to fix it?
can you add a mcworld link to the download with mcpedl links PLS
When I unzipped it and tried to recompress it it says I don’t have permission to view the file. This has never happened when I download an addon or world. Not sure what to do.
it downloads but won't install