Published on April 18, 2018 (Updated on June 28, 2020)

Binoculars Addon

This add-on implements fully functional Binoculars to the game. Binoculars is an item which you can use for getting a closer view at distant objects. In Minecraft this works by adding a zooming effect to the player when the player is holding & sneaking the Binoculars in their hand.

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Updated, so it's now up to date! Added it as an item. craftable & supports all minecraft supported languages!


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we already have spyglasses, which make this obsolete
¡El add-on está hermoso! Trabaja a la perfección ??

Sería genial que hubieran formas de mejorar, por ejemplo, la lente del binocular y poder ver aún más lejos, digo yo jaja

I reiterate, this add-on is very useful, thank you very much.

I still have this idea in mind: "Sería genial que hubieran formas de mejorar, por ejemplo, la lente del binocular y poder ver aún más lejos..."
Does it work on realms?
Give it a try, since items now doesn't need experimental gameplay.
Wow! Very useful and even looks vanilla!
Easy to make, even in survival,
The texture looks like Terrarias.
good 1star is good right I like it alot
if you like it then why give it one star?
Link is broken
Can i copy your addon to make it more realistic?
Like replacing helmet and variable zoom?
dm me on twitter, @keyyard
Ter-rare-ria ad-ventures!! ~stampy
You Can put in My Video for a tutorial
Search :Binocular addon on YouTube and find the video of GemyGold _
have you apply the Behavior pack?
When I was trying to download it, it said that the website that I was redirected to said that it might be trying to steal personal information if I went on it. Please, may you explain this? By the way, I am using McAfee WebAdvisor.
Amazing Addon
Personally I Like Not Seeing Inside The Binoculars So Maybe Make A Seperare Behavior/Texture Pack For Those Who Want It?
Also it Would Be Amazing If It Would Zoom In More In My opinion but overall its an amazing addon
Umm this add-on is great but can you make the binoculars zoom more higher and make it look like your looking inside of the binoculars pls then 5 stars
Can u pls make a terreria texture pack pls?
Can you not steel sprites and claim it as your own? Thanks.
Great addon but could you have it so the binoculars item replaces a extra unused data for a flower so it doesn't replace anything although this means that you'd only be able to obtain the binoculars from commands unless you edit a villagers .json trade file to have the binoculars in it although if you won't do this then at least have the binoculars replace a even more useless item and that item is the golden hoe
i know it, but i want Binoculars is a craftable thing.
finding a Villager may not ez