Published on November 22, 2021

Biome Complex

Biome Complex is a brand new Terrain Generation add-on. It adds 7 brand new and distinct biomes that will make your world so much more fun to explore. Each biome stands out and isn't just a retextured version of a vanilla biome.

This add-on adds 7 new and unique biomes to the game. I wanted to place the focus on the terrain itself, not on any new blocks. For this reason I only added new blocks where I felt that it would help with the biome's atmosphere, so this biome is Vanilla friendly


Jacaranda Grove

Fractured Jungle

Plated Desert

Sandy Savannah

Dripstone Canyon

Eucalyptus Forest

Hot Springs


At the moment custom biomes aren't supported in the 1.18 betas, and will most likely not work in 1.18. As soon as this changes I will update the page


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4.6 / 5 (10 votes)
great mod! i hope this well be updated on 1.18 so this mod can stay here for a lonnggg time
I need the 1.18 update of this mod NOW!
Love the flavor sadly normal mobs dont seem to be spawning in youre biomes for me but any other addon With implememt animals get
One question, I started making my addon from version 1.17.10 everything was fine, the problem started when I wanted to use it in the next versions, since when I activate the biomes they do not load
The chunks stay loading and the game closes, that is happening to me in version 1.17.41 remove the structures to see if that was it, and when I remove them if it loaded the biome
But if I put the structures it does not load the biome, I have the doubt if it is that my device is not very powerful, since the game goes without lag, oh it is that something changed in the version 1.17.41
If you could help me, it would be very helpful
yes wow gob woek
I think great addon! But i will install it after it have 1.18 support becouse 1.18 Is comming in few days
Will you add more biomes?
I just want a new wood type eucalyptus maybeeee? But I loveee it
im kinda sceptical, personally prefer this addon to be a light one
whats the shaders called? :)
Thats not a shaders dude, that's rtx
when we needed him most... he came back
This addon is amazing! I was able to explore way more than just grass, animals, flowers, and symmetrical trees!
Add more biomes for caves, the nether, end, and a bit more interesting surface biomes