End Expansion [BETA 2.1]

Have you ever felt that the End is just too boring? Well this add-on will solve just that! 2 Brand new biomes, new mobs, weapons and much more, it has it all!




The End Expansion was based on the idea of an End update. I just want to give a huge thanks to Crovono who helped me with the noise to set up these basic biomes.
This add-on is however still in beta, so some things may change, and there may be a bug or two. I am developing this add-on on my YouTube channel, so feel free to visit it to learn more.



  • 2 brand new biomes (with blocks)
  • a new structure
  • 2 unique mobs
  • custom crafting
  • a cool new weapon



Chorillium Forest

This is a strange purple place, covered in Chorillium. It is also where you will find the Giant Chorus Fungi and Ilmenya vines. This biome is a great place to find Schroomlights as well.

Chorillium Swampland

This is a mystical place, with dense mist and vegetation and  magical water pools. It is home to the Warped Chorus Fungi, Warped Ilmenya vines and the Icirlush plant.

Forgotten Library

A very rare structure, only found in the furthest reaches of the end (aka beyond x or z 3000). It is the home to the Elders with all of the knowledge and loot.

The Wanderer

A lonely soul, this creature will aimlessly wander the empty planes and kill any Enderman or player, by draining their soul.

The Elder

Possibly a more intelligent ancestor of the Enderman. They can be found in their libraries and are always open to trade for some new items. 

The Ancient's Workbench

This is a special workbench from a long forgotten time. The only way to craft it is by first getting the knowledge of the ancient's from the Elders. On this bench you will be able to craft new, more complex items.

The Ancient Staff

The Wanderer's scull that forms part of this staff, allows you to drain the souls of you enemies. Simply look in there general direction and use it. It is also craft on the Ancient's Workbench.



  1. A new Structure - Fossils will now spawn in the Chorillium Swamps (The green biome)
  2. Added a new bug effect to the Chorilliums Swamp
  3. Made the Biomes double their old sizes
  4. Added optional lower and full side variants to the Chorillium and Warped Chorillium blocks. For some reason changing the subpack on a world doesn't work at the moment, so apply the resource pack to your global resources if you want to use any of the subpacks
  5. Fixed a bug where the sky would be light blue
  6. Fixed a bug where Wanderers would spawn in the Overworld and Nether
  7. Made some performance improvements with regards to the Wanderer

Beta 2.1 bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that would cause fog to behave incorrectly. The End sky will correctly display black, and the Over World's sky will be blue. (I thought I fixed this in Beta 2.0 but apparently not)


For this to work you need to enable all of your experimental settings.

Remember to remove the old pack, before installing the new version, to avoid confusion. When you reapply this new version to an existing world where you played on, it should still work.



Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause fog to behave incorrectly. The End sky will correctly display black, and the Over World's sky will be blue. (I thought I fixed this in Beta 2.0 but apparently not)


Delete the old pack before installing the new pack, otherwise you will get a duplicate pack error. Also enable all of the experimental toggles when creating the world.


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4.59 / 5 (59 votes)
The addon is great but the only problem is when i put it in my server the blocks turned into update! Blocks. But when i do it in a normal world the block is normal. Why is tthat happening?
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really beautiful. I encountered a bug unless its not, a small chunk of the Chorillium Swampland generated in the overworld. I don't mind though it's nice
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yeah ever since the new update the biomes and mobs are generating in the overworld
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This addon works beautifully with enderite
Maybe except when the structures break eachother
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hey excellent mod and I think it is one of the best that I tried but only that my only problem is that the cane is plugged since I use a mod pack that I think makes its texture not see I do not know if you could fix that problem . but removing that is a perfect mod for the end
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And specificaly the end staff
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Will this work on the beta and the not beta?
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here are some things that i think that will improve this addon: when u have a bone meal the end grass for both grass end blocks when u bone meal them it should generate grass and stuff. and for the trees you should add saplings for each tree like when u bone meal the saplings they grow diffrent variants of trees depending on how many you place for the saplings like if u placed 2 or 3 then they grow into a different tree. but yeah I rate this 4 stars.
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My overwolrd sky is still bugged even tho I updated the mod. Can anyone help me please? Awesome mod regardless of the Bugs, amazing job!
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I have a minecraft realm with 500+ mods including this one

Code = FU2i3Mi0uTQ
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this is one of the most well-done survival addons that i’ve seen
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This addon works well with Enderite, it's almost as if it was meant to be used with enderite
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It does look good but it's not so great when the trees cut into eachother or the structures. I don't know whether to use both on my realm
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This addon is a legend. However, is the texture rtx compatible? It will be great if it can :D
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This addon is amazing!! Especially considering it is in beta, I cant wait to see where you go with this!!

Some random suggestions or things that need to be fixed:

The wanderer's skull item should be made consistent with items imo. If you look at the ancient staff crafting recipe, it looks out of place with the items around it.

The wanderer's skull is spelt like scull in the game (c instead of k). might be a typo but maybe its a play on the word sculk, idk if its spelt like that for lore

Change some of the block/mob sounds. for example plant blocks should have plant placing/breaking sounds and the wanderer should have enderman sounds or something

The fog colors too bright, especially the green one. I changed fog1 to #183625 and fog2 to #260a26 in the files and think they look much better. obviously this is just my opinion and you dont have to change them, but imo the darker colors add to the atmosphere better.

The purple fog doesnt always appear when in the purple mushroom biome, probably a bug

The green biome is laggy on my computer, maybe its the bug particles, maybe its all of the plants, idk. i really like how the bugs and plants look so im not saying to get rid of them, but if you can find a way to optimise that biome then it would be appreciated.

In my opinion, the wanderer's model and texture dont feel very minecrafty if that makes any sense. thats a hard thing to fix, but if you are able to do it then it would make the wanderer fit better with everything else.

The ancient staff has the same problem. This one does have an easy fix though, i think the player should just hold the pixel art item that you already made, just like a sword/other items.

I personally don't think the wanderer should spawn on the main end island, only the outer ones.

Like I said in the beginning, this addon is fantastic!! None of my suggestions were meant to be mean or say that the addon is bad or anything, they are just things that I think would take it to the next level.
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