Published on January 04, 2019 (Updated on April 27, 2021)

Biomobs Addon (1.16+)

This addon introduces 38 new mobs to fight in your survival worlds, this includes new variants for spiders, zombies, skeletons, Pillagers, and creeper! You can find them in Jungles, Frozen Biomes, Mushroom Islands, the End Dimension, and the Nether! Most of them even give harmful potion effects as well, so be careful!

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  • Updated models for mushroom skeleton and zombie
  • Updated model for wither zombie
  • Slightly changed texture for jungle zombie
  • Wither mobs now spawn in the Soulsand Valley biome
  • Removed Neon Ravager
  • Updated supported versions for 1.17 and 1.16!


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Great addon, however some of the mobs especially the skeleton ravager spawn too much. is there anyway you can make their spawn dates lower?
Hey What WAS the point of the neon ravager? I have played your mod since the beginning of the development and I never was able to figure out why you added the neon ravager so what were you going with?
Nice creatures try making them different models tho.
What do you mean? they are purrfectly Fine 🤨 why would you say that?
4 stars because every time a mushroom creeper spawns in it crashes my Minecraft for xbox. So please creator can u fix the mushroom creeper from crashing the game, cause I really like this AddOn but I can’t play it :(. The game only crashes when a mushroom creeper spawns in, all the other mobs are good but just to be safe you should double check.Thank You
Pls make this addon
Vanilla weapon plus
Blacksmith table v2 pretend as a crafting table
Add sai
Long sword
Battle axe
Heavy sword
Long glaive
sai:if you crouch you get invisibility
Knife:can throw
Heavy sword:give slowness2 but has alot of dmg
Battle axe:do alot of damage but expensive at material and have slowness 1
Spear: can throw but low durability
Saber:give speed but low durability
Glaive: has a long range but has a cooldown
Long sword: expensive at material but has slowness but strong dmg and long range
Katana:has a strong dmg at first hit but weak at the end
Dagger:get speed but low durability
Scythe:strong dmg at long range but weak if in short cause you just use steak if you are in short range lol
Long glaive:much longer range but cooldown is much slower
Thats all :)
Could you make the mushroom biomobs give nausea and add some cave biomobs that give blindness
resource pack are not working :(
Yeah man, pretty much July 20, 2019 at 11:31 pm
I don't know if this is intended or something, but both the skeleton and neon ravagers look a bit odd. Also, the skeleton pillagers crossbow is still on its hip.
I'm playing in 1.12, and I got killed by something invisible. Not only that, it said in chat I was killed by something unknown
This addon is for 1.8 and up maybe thats why
how do you make the pillagers hold crossbows
Does it replace any thing or not cuz I'm getting mixed answers
How come the Ravagers are invisible?
Dude you should add a Star Wars add on! Have Jedi and sith and a lot more from Star Wars! Just don’t change any existing items please.
You forgot to update!
Harrythemagician13 May 19, 2019 at 2:13 am
Forge didnt know about bro...
Mushroom Biomes dont spawn hostile mobs