BlackEye's No Disgusting Squid Mouth

If you are the type of person that sees a squid mouth in his face, throw the device instantly and have nightmares (Like me)? Well, if that's you, this is the perfect resoruce pack for you!

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Updated resource pack icon.

Fixes bug that did mouth side invisible..

Changed featured image.



  • NDSM
  • NDSM 0.0.2.mcpack

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you have bullyed the squid by useing its own power
but how is it going to eat then?
Also There Mouth Is Not Diwcusting its beautiful
That would be useful to me a few years ago, I was a very fearful child XD lol
Now make a pack that gives the innocent ptsd. Presenting my idea: The squid is only mouth. Even the tentacles.
I will do that. stay tuned in MCPEDL
Seedless watermelon against Christians November 25, 2019 at 7:55 pm
Make a path where the entire squid is the mouth
Can you make soul sand look like sand?
?Terrible Why Would A Squid Not Have A Mouth?? U idiot this is terrible
I think the screenshots should have even wider POV, to make them more pointless. Or more of them for that matter
Thanks for your response. I will try to make the images better.
Bruhhhhhhhh Then How are they gonna eat now!!! ???????????
You know that it isnt scary at all...
We know that those Squid Mouths are ugly but we don't wanna remove them...
but his mouth is cool.. anyway good pack :)
Why not replace it with a beak. Squids do have beaks in real life.
Because then it would look more like a bottom crack more than a beak