Published on August 06, 2021 (Updated on August 07, 2021)

Blocky Battle

Hi! i’m Harobrnin, the creator of Blocky Battle, and it seems you have found my world! I hope you enjoy it with your friends and family. (strange intro I know hahaha!)

Just so you know, blocky battle is a fun class fighting game that I made a long time ago on my a school laptop. (2018)

I remember suggesting classes to the other 8th graders like "I suggest alchemist" or "a good class would be sniper"

this world contains -

an arena
7 free classes
3 purchasable classes
funny class quotes
less bugs than any other class fighting game
a cool class selection system
4 attacks with each class
did i mention death?
10% more death

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Updated World File, Because A Person Requested It. So Basically The Goal Of The Game Is To Defeat Your Opponent In Any Way Possible, And That Means Dealing Damage, Or Knocking Them Off. The Way To Play Is In A Book Near Spawn.

Added Miner, Buffed Frost, Nerfed Musket




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Everyone keep in mind this took several weeks of work because I had to do all the commands myself, and it has absolutely no addons
Me and my friends played and there are a couple big bugs with the game we found:
-Killing everyone before the deathmatch doesn't end the game
-If you are pushed to the edges of the deathmatch room the game thinks that you have died and gives the win to the other player
-Sometimes after a player wins they don't get killed, leaving them in the deathmatch room
-PvP is not turned off in the lobby and kit selection room after a match ended
-You start in creative mode
-The money scoreboard shows a lot of "player offline". (Removing it and putting it back in fixes this)

Aside from the bugs, the actual kits have too much armor and HP. It's very hard to damage them with your weapon. I found the best way is to knock them into the death floor to deal damage, which is fine, in fact it was really fun to try and knock my friends in but I don’t think this is supposed to be the main source of dealing damage.
The wind and Musketeer kits are the two best because one has a knockback II sword, making it easier to yeet players into the death floor and the other has the most HP and armor making it hard to kill them.

I also think having some of these things would greatly improve the map:
-a "How to play" lectern somewhere near the start of the map would be nice
-kit descriptions beside the kits to read
-More map variety
-Better map backgrounds (smooth stone is pretty boring to look at)
-PLEASE Organize and label your command blocks, your current system of placing them down at random areas does not work long term.
-Instead of using Redstone repeaters as a deathmatch timer, setting back the “delay in ticks” in your command blocks to whatever time you have now would achieve the same result.
(20 ticks=1 second)

With all that being said I really like this map and think that once the bugs are fixed and kits become better balanced it can be really good but right now, the map has some really bad bugs and kits do not seem balanced.
Alright so I went onto the realm and played and it seems to work on there, also after playing more I think the kits are not as overpowered as I first thought but there still work that needs to be done.
Also I found more bugs:
-You can collect multiple kits by quickly going on and off the pressure plates
-Rounds sometimes end at random points
On The Realm I Am Actually Working On A Bunch Of This, And I Will Update The World File Tomorrow
Honestly I really liked how you used realms for an online mode. I might steal that idea for my map
Oh that’s fine. I don’t own this whole class fighting game idea anyways. But like in smash bros, all classes can be countered, and some can be killed easily, but kill an opponent easily
That’s fine, I don’t own the idea of class fighting games, just don’t name it Blocky Battle
Everyone keep in mind this took several weeks of work because I had to do all the commands myself, and it has absolutely no addons