Published on June 29, 2021 (Updated on June 29, 2021)

Höhle Der Toten Zombies

You are a hero where you come from as you have already saved the world from a zombie apocalypse not very long ago and yet you are only 19 years old. Your family has died mysteriously and its your job to find the cause of the zombie apocalypse and how to stop it. This map has a mini easter-egg with an ending. The ending is a preview to my next map... Another preview is on my yt channel page... So go check out WKMZC for that and also check out ItzWK, my main channel for Minecraft Hive Content. 

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  • Added Mediafire Link for the world and the template.
  • Added something in Installati



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Np will be releasing my next map later in the month. Will have a lot more features than this one and will be double the size. I hope you enjoyed this one tho, I worked rlly hard on it. :)
Hello im a zombies fan and have played every game in the franchise with zombies at least once. But uh hiw do i use this map is it a resource and behavior pack or is it a template like the ones from the store. Thanks in advance (:
Also is this console compatible
Sub to my yt channel (WKMZC) I will be posting something on how to download the maps on all devices other than ps4/ps5 cause i dont have that. Hope this answers your question.
also i did test the downloads on mobile and pc and it worked just fine. So I am expecting xbox to work as well :)
The map is console compatible :)