Published on March 26, 2021 (Updated on April 14, 2021)

Simon's Blueprints (Updated)

Have you ever wanted to craft armor and tools on the go? Have you ever not had enough ingots to finish your set of armor. Well, try Simon's Blueprints, a fairly new addon that allows you to easily and efficiently create tools and armor! In this update, use new "Toolkits" to get a full set of gear fast!

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-Added AIO B/R

-Added Iron, Gold, and Diamond Toolkits

-Nerfed all armor recipes 



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Does this work with ur uncharted waters addon?
ANNOUNCEMENT: This addon has been fixed to include both packs, and I soon may make the download through mediafire!
Por cierto sobre el modpack tengo un mundo de 61 addons así que eso no se si lo voy agregar xd
Jaja buenooo está bien pero si le falta más ajustes de balance por qué está muy roto y también deberías agregar una mesa de crafteo personalizada para craftear las armaduras y herramientas solo digo UwU.
De hecho, me gusta esta idea y podría considerar agregarla en una actualización más adelante :) perdón por mi mal español, estoy usando Google
ANNOUNCMENT: This addon only contains the behavior pack, and do to me deleting the files of the original addon, I will have to rewrite the addon. This should be finished later today or early tomorrow. I apologize for the inconvenience.
I love it this is what I've been looking for all along. Hey creator I'm gonna make a modpack for my own personal use for my survival world with some friends and this is the add-on I'm looking may I use your add-on in a modpack for my personal use and for friends?
Thank you! Feel free to use this in your modpack, hope you have fun! :D
The download link only comes with the behavior pack.
I apologize and I will fix this straight away!