Published on August 15, 2021 (Updated on August 14, 2021)

Trash Cans

Are your chests filled with endless clutter that you really need to get rid of? Are you working on excavating a large area but are left with too much stone? Then try Trash Cans!


The Trash Cans do just what you think it does! It gets rid of items. Simply Right-Click the trash can with the item you want to dispose of and it can get rid of it for you, the amount it gets rid of per click depends on the type, being either wooden, stone, iron, golden, diamond, and netherite.



The recipe is quite cheap and easy to make. Just use 7 of a certain resource, a hopper, and a chest, as seen below

Still Confused?

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-Completely reworked the addon to have a multi-tiered trash can system

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I have been added to a random Minecraft addon I found on MCPEDL! I never thought this would happen!
Can these be fed into via a hopper?