Published on May 26, 2021 (Updated on October 14, 2021)

Botany Pots V2.4 (Sky Orchard)

This addon useful to play stoneblock skyfactory modpack/addonpack etc.

It can help reduce the time it takes to plant a tree or cut it. It's really cool.  it grows automatically

This addon is to plant plants, trees. And others that can be planted 

Botany Pots can put dirt, grass

But clay, sand, gravel, podzol, farmland,lava, coarse dirt, mycelium, crimson nylium, warped nylium,soul sand, and more will be added little by little.

What add-ons are supported?

Minecraft Vanilla

Ore Tree (Vatonage)

Minecraft Vanilla (Crops)

Seeds+ V.1.5.0 (Guardianmilky) (Removed)

Botania (Dan Craft5) (Removed)

V2.3 ( Cave & Cliffs )

V2.4 ( Sky Orchard )

How to plant sapling?

After the dirt or grass has been put in pots, put the sapling in pots.

Why I can't put vanilla sapling?

To craft the sapling that you want to put in the pot.

How will it work?

Every 15 seconds, it will randomize an item that log, stick, leaves, apple, sapling.

Before update or replace new version.

Please rename old folder Botany Pots V1 Resources to Botany Pots Resources and rename Botany Pots V1 Behaviour to Botany Pots Behaviour 

If textures doesn't work, add the botany pots resources pack in the map editing menu.

When you found a bug, please leave a comment, or you can tell me on my twitter.

Thank U and Sorry for Bad English :)

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  • Fixed Bug Vatonage  Quartz Sapling Pot 
  • Sky Orchard supported
  • Hit block



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4.47 / 5 (15 votes)
You should add mineral seeds to this Addon
Hey, Can I Use this addon in a map? Amazing Addon btw
Ummm, how can I update the pack?
can you add some way to get farmland?
Use seed tap to it. It will show to make it
Amei o mod, mas no meu jogo estou tendo alguns problemas. Não estou conseguindo plantar nenhum tipo de muda de árvore, não consigo arar a terra dentro do pot e o funil não suga os drops das plantas que tem formato de cubo (abóbora, melancia e cacto).
tu tem q colocar a muda no crafting, aí vira uma muda q entra no negócio, e pra entrar no funil tu tem q colocar o vaso encima do funil, e tu tem q colocar a terra já ara no vaso pra poder colocar sementes, vê o canal do criador
What is a map editing menu because I want to fix the resource pack problem
Can you please update the addon so that it properly loads in a 1.17 world. Please and thank you. Im on an xbox and would rather not have to edit a mod in any shape or form :)
You can make trash can addon but it can connect to hopper
I can't add in my world
I can't add in my world
Very cool! This actually looks like the mod from java edition.
Love this mod
Tough some of the mod like ore trees cannot be placed sometimes
Can u please fix this to work with 1.17 I love this addon but it says incompatible
funciona en la
alguien sabe si funciona 1.17
Hey everyone report this man I work for vatonage and I do not think this man asked him even once about being able to use vatonages in this addon he probably did not do it at all for the other ones etheir also if you need info on this my username is bootscoot26 on the vatonage discord
Which if he did not ask the mods will probably ban him just a heads put bec this dude is doing something completely against mcpedl’s terms of service
So if you work for him why can’t you ask to make sure? And also I seem to remember him saying we could make addons off his if we gave him credit! Also if that’s the case why does he say to download this addon on his website? I think you are talking out ur a**
Please allow me to clarify this. I have obtained permission to use from Vatonage.
Creatively terrible June 15, 2021 at 2:50 am
Dude it supports vatonages and the other ppl s addon it does not I repeat DOES NOT include those add-ons . U HAVE TO download them separately furthermore if MKH didn't ask for permission vatonage already knows about this add-on it is linked on his ore trees page