Published on May 12, 2018 (Updated on July 13, 2021)

Sharpened Arrows Add-on

Do you think it gets annoying when you hit a player or animal with an arrow, but you lose your arrow? With this addon the arrow will go right through the entity it hits so that you can collect it afterwards. But this also means your opponents can collect arrows they were hit by, so be quick on picking up your arrows!

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  • Added support for the latest version of Minecraft
  • Changed the name from "Bouncy Arrows" to "Sharpened Arrows" as the arrows no longer bounce

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Will this work on other peoples woulda if I have it active on in global Resources?
Now I can get infinite arrow
You can now get infinite arrows with skeletons. Good job creator for making an exploit that could ruin survival world's for people who don't know.
You realize this is here for a small amount of realism, right? This add-on looks like it's trying to replicate the arrow system from java edition and put it into bedrock, don't get mad at someone for this, they just want to make it a bit more realistic and easy for the player.
@XenoAntHacker77 Yeah It Use To Be Added In Mcpe But The Old Version But It Was Removed For No Reason If You Are Old Players You Will Know That
It’s a great addon
This is really useful but now you can duplicate arrows with infinity
But doesn’t infinity already DUPLICATE YOUR ARTOWS AND GIVE YOU INFINITY ARROWS!? Stop complaining and be happy someone made a mod like this.