Published on January 30, 2020 (Updated on September 17, 2020)

Brewing Guide

Brewing is the process of creating potions, splash potions and lingering potions by adding various ingredients to water bottles in a brewing stand. This guide will help you how to brew potions in Minecraft.

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  • Fixed a bug where it shows banner guide instead of brewing guide in non English UK language
  • Update Terms Of Use
  • Fixed download link


Installation Guides

For vanilla brewing guide but if i put other ones has for example; more potions, and such. Does it shows on guide as well?
need to be update
HAITHAM_GO GAMER May 11, 2021 at 7:03 pm
plase how to download
i don't kno'w how download
this mod is a virus it took me to a super sketchy website with like 20 download buttons
Reshort Can Redirect You To Malicious Websites
this addon is super helpful especially for those who didn't have brewing knowledge.
btw, i reviewed it on my channel! " Prinxz " is the name ( ˘ ³˘)♥
Hello great addon but you should check your chemistry guide there are comments saying link is broken so if you could go check and fix the problem that would be great so check now and update and fix link.
Bruh, those are old comments that's why it was updated and as you can see in changelog "fixed download link" is included.
No I meant his chemistry guide addon link is broken and need to be fix
This add-on is a saver thanks for making is add-on I was a noob a making potions now I can finally learn how to brew potions nicely

Do you mind if I Put a direct MediaFire link
aye bruh i really needed this lol
It doesn’t work because the file is blank anyways.
I checked the file and it's not blank. Did you completely download the file? I think your download wasn't complete as result it corrupted, if that was happen you need to delete it and download again.
I can’t get to the download link. Can somebody put it in the comments please?
Guest-3912723216 May 26, 2020 at 1:06 am
Hey that is cool
Why don't you make a furnace guide
Nahhh, it will be useless even if your beginner, right?
Umm, why inside this add-on is using "banner guide" instead of brewing guide, i hope you can fix it, btw this add-on is great, 5 stars.
i wasnt able to download this because i kept getting redirected to a weird wallpaper website