Published on September 26, 2021 (Updated on October 18, 2021)

Bridge Help Academy

Hi! Do you want a map that helps you in bridging? Then this map is for you! It has several other game modes to play with! It is not a hassle to download! Try it for yourself. It can help you practice bridging and PvP!

Detailed Spawn!

Mini Parkour!

SkyWars Practice for Hive!


Select version for changelog:


V3 CHANGELOGS (18/10/2021)


  • Added SkyWars Help for Hive SkyWars to help you with SkyWars bridging
  • Added Major UI Update 
  • Spawn Parkour Now Available
  • Removed LandWars
  • Majorly Fixed WarsHelp (Still in Beta)
  • Added more designs to Arena



  • Majorly Updated our UI to make it more Clean
  • Added Support for all Beta Versions of 1.17.11 onwards
  • Denied Support of 1.17.10
  • Denied Support for 1.16.201 below
  • Denied Support for Java Edition
  • Now more stable for handheld Devices e.g Phones, Tablet etc
  • Now more stable for Screen Devices e.g Nintendo Switch, PS4 or PS5, Xbox etc
  • Best Stable for Windows 10/11

Bridge Help Academy will now only support 1.17.11 onwards

However you still can play it in any version of 1.17


If you find any bugs please contact me in Discord: ImNothingButBlock#2058



  1. Click the Download button or the MediaFire.
  2. Let it download for a few seconds.
  3. Open the file and you should be directed to Minecraft.
  4. Enjoy the Map!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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5 / 5 (1 votes)
Here's 5 stars! :) God bless you.
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I made an account on just to say this is a great map and I hope you keep making more! It's a great idea and thanks for making it. God bless! God loves you.
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Too sad I will not update my Map anymore :)
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Hey I saw this in my addons app. I’m just curious, why does it say in the main picture that Herobrine joined the game?
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Hi Cuboostoo! This is a tellraw command which basically is a text message. I custom wrote it to Herobrine joined the game. But in v3 or v2 I removed it. Basically it's not real
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