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Published on May 03, 2021

British Army Uniform Textures

This is my British Army Resource Pack which replaces the default Minecraft armor with British Army Uniforms. This is perfect for RPs and MilSim events where you have a lot of people and wish to use something better than dyed uniform.

There a 5 Uniforms in this pack:

Soldier Uniform:
 - Replaces Chainmail

Royal Marine Uniform:
 - Replaces Iron

Officer Parade Uniform:
 - Replaces Gold

Scots Guard Uniform:
 - Replaces Diamond

General Parade Uniform:
 - Replaces Netherite

Armor Can Be Found In The Inventory


Supported Minecraft versions


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im from british this is cool mate
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no cap this is really cool, im making a faction world and i have lots of factions maybe could make a military uniform that looks tactical and litt on every faction. thx keep up the work
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opps mb i was gonna put 5 stars dont knone what happen lmaoo
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Normallookincrawfish May 07, 2021 at 8:06 am
Finallyyy, For year i finally found this. Can you make the Us army uniform during ww2? I need for rp server.
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Bro sick you just read my mind man and thanks mate, I've been looking for Millitary armor texture.. and I have a request. Can you make a Soviet Uniform texture pack ?
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