Published on July 09, 2021 (Updated on October 05, 2021)

Bunch o' Sculk Add-On

Explore the new update like never before with new mobs, blocks and items. However, into the unknown depths the sculk creatures will hunt every moving mob around them so watch your step!

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Bunch o' Sculk - Changelog 1.0.3

Changes :

• General:

  • Added Sculk Blocks in the Creative Categories ( Experimental Toggles reuqired );
  • Sidebar Effect Icons hidden for better Sculk Overgrow Experience;
  • Removed Overworld Sculk Generation due to game breaking errors;

• Block Names:

  • Sculk body ( sculk );
  • Sculk chute ( sculk catalyst );
  • Sculk veins ( sculk vein );
  • Sculk trap ( sculk jaw );

• Block Textures:

  • Sculk;
  • Sculk Catalyst;
  • Sculk Vein;

• Block Sounds:

  • Changed Sculkcite Shell sound to Calcite;

• Block Behaviour:

  • Improoved sculk catalyst spread ( border layer can generate additional outward veins );
  • Sculk Tendriles now generate on sculk and grow into Sculk Sensors ( requires C&C toggle + Sculk Sensor ON* );
  • Sculk Core will now play the event when destroyed in creative;

• Entity Behaviour:

  • Changed sculk mobs targeting method;
  • Increased sculk mobs damage;

• Entity Sounds:

  • Changed Sculk Lurker Sound:
  • Changed Sculk Sentry Sound;

• Item Textures:

  • Changed Sculk Core Fragment texture;
  • Changed Sculkcite Armor color tint from yellow to white;
  • Fixed Z-Fighting for the Sculkcite Chestplate;

• Item Names:

  • Sculk ( Item ) to Sculk Ball;

• Item Behaviour:

  • Improoved Sculk Radar targeting method;

Additions :

• New Blocks:

  • Sculk Shrieker;
  • Polished Sculkcite Shell;
  • Sculkcite Rune - Interact with Sculk Core Fragment to Power Up;

• New Entities:

  • Sculk Sentry;
  • Sculk Plushies:
    • Plushie Warden ( tame with Sculk Tendrile, heal with Sculk Ball / Sculk Core Fragment );
    • Plushie Sculk Lurker ( can be saddled and rideable );
    • Plushie Sculk Mite ( squeak! );
    • Plushie Sculk Sentry ( frightfully roars );
  • Warden;

• New Items:

  • Sculkcite Leggings & Boots;
  • Glass Flask;
  • Sculk Essence Flask;


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could you update it to 1.19? or are you working on a big update? or is this mod cancelled?
development for it is pretty much cancelled right now, i might just update it to support the newer versions
Seeing how the update of the warden was completed honestly... they should continue with this project it adds the final touch that the original lacks and the truth is I love the complement and I don't have Another way to be able to play the plugin correctly, I can only ask that you continue developing Please, your sculk version is much better.
Needs to be updated to work with current features, such as 1.19 experiments, but if your waiting for 1.19 release that's ok. Probably better to do that than do it now. Awesome addon though!!!
HeRoBrInE10k900- May 07, 2022 at 7:50 pm
My computer doesn't allow linkvertise so add mediafire Direct download.
Most of the items from the addon don’t work like the sculk cataclyst and sculk because of the experimental
How about instead replace it with a glowing veiny type look called infectious sculk that spreads
Hello! i really loved the add-on and its features! could i get some of the codes from the sculk sentry plushie? i need it to make a "Dash skill" addon!
(i promise i will credit you for the codes)
Doesn't work in 1.18.2 please update 1.18
This addon is cool. And this ismthat reason that i never saw the warden for my life but this addon uses the best thing.
JustAnotherScorpio March 15, 2022 at 4:48 pm
Can you make it so that Sculk Catalyst spreads when a nearby mob
Add a new disc

Disc Called: Sculk
Dosen't work in pe
does it work on education edition
it will if you get an NBT editor to turn experememntal gameplay on on aworld you created