Block Plus Add-On

- Block Plus -
Decorate your World like never seen before with a well made Add-On that introduces you a few categories of Blocks to suit many types of buildings and styles with a large color palette and patterns

- A Box of Creativity -

Have you ever wanted to go more than your bounds of imagination let you? To let that burning creativity finally free ? Well this is your chance with our [BlockPlus] Add-On which brings to your world new colors, new styles and new visual purposes.

The Add-On lets you do things you never could before with 100+ blocks with a high variety of materials and patterns.


- Be as Creative as you can -

All the blocks are kept to the real world meaning there aren't sci-fi blocks around ( unless you suggest on our Discord - link below )


- High Variety of Materials & Colors -

- Made Simple but Good -

Accessing blocks is very simple .. just type /function and you'll see categories showing from where you can choose your desired blocks.


Here is a list containing all avaliable functions:

( Find more details about each function a few clicks below )

/function all.blocks ( gives you shulker boxes , each containing the functions below )












- Unlock New Chunks of Creativity -


/function :

- design:ashbrick

- design:blue_bricks

- design:concrete_brick_left

- design:concrete_brick_right

- design:crimson_blood_brick

- design:diamond_brick

- design:gold_brick

- design:pale_ashbrick

- design:pale_crimson_bricks

- design:seared_brick

- design:snowy_pale_crimson_bricks

- design:white_bricks

- design:fresh_brick

- design:fresh_brick_black

- design:fresh_brick_blue

- design:fresh_brick_brown

- design:fresh_brick_cyan

- design:fresh_brick_gray

- design:fresh_brick_light_gray

- design:fresh_brick_green

- design:fresh_brick_light_blue

- design:fresh_brick_lime

- design:fresh_brick_magenta

- design:fresh_brick_orange

- design:fresh_brick_pink

- design:fresh_brick_purple

- design:fresh_brick_red

- design:fresh_brick_white

- design:fresh_brick_yellow

- design:silk_brick

- design:silk_brick2

- design:blue_nether_bricks

/function :

- design:concrete_pale_green

- design:bflower_pot

- design:magma_cob

- design:white_wood_bookshelf

- design:warped_bookshelf

- design:spruce_bookshelf

- design:jungle_bookshelf

- design:dark_oak_bookshelf

- design:crimson_bookshelf

- design:birch_bookshelf

- design:acacia_bookshelf

- design:cabinet

- design:gold_cast_emerald_block

- design:flowerwall

- design:gold_cast_lapis_block

- design:magma_quartz

- design:sandstone_pillar

- design:sandy_concrete

- design:smokey_concrete1

- design:smokey_concrete2

- design:smooth_glowstone

- design:wall_design

- design:wallpaper_bottom

- design:wallpaper_top

- design:black_quartz

- design:smooth_black_quartz

- design:black_quartz_chiseled1

- design:black_quartz_chiseled2

- design:reinforced_rusty_iron

- design:fiber_cement_white

- design:fiber_cement_yellow

- design:fiber_cement_red

- design:fiber_cement_purple

- design:fiber_cement_pink

- design:fiber_cement_orange

- design:fiber_cement_magenta

/function :

- design:fiber_cement_lime

- design:fiber_cement_light_gray

- design:fiber_cement_light_blue

- design:fiber_cement_green

- design:fiber_cement_gray

- design:fiber_cement_cyan

- design:fiber_cement_brown

- design:fiber_cement_blue

- design:fiber_cement_black

- design:fiber_cement

/function :

- design:industrial_block

- design:hardened_concrete

- design:nailed_hardened_concrete

- design:compressed_cobblestone

- design:vent

- design:vent1

- design:wall_design

- design:vent_fan

- design:Reinforced_iron

- design:pulse_core

- design:neon_caution

- design:Chiseled_Reinforced_iron

- design:black_steel_designed

/function :

- design:neon_lamp

- design:celllight

- design:celllight_off

- design:green_celllight

- design:green_celllight_off

- design:red_celllight

- design:red_celllight_off

/function :

- design:packed_rust

- design:cold_stone

- design:lead_block

/function :

- design:office_ceiling

- design:office_carpet

- design:office_light

- design:office_light_off

- design:office_neon

- design:office_neon_off

- design:office_neon_semioff

- design:office_vent

- design:office_blue_carpet

- design:office_white_carpet

/function :

- design:amber_planks

- design:bamboo_wood_planks

- design:black_planks

- design:pink_planks

- design:orange_planks

- design:magenta_planks

- design:lime_planks

- design:light_blue_planks

- design:cyan_planks

- design:purple_planks

- design:brown_planks

- design:blue_planks

- design:dead_wood_planks

- design:gray_planks

- design:light_gray_planks

- design:green_planks

- design:red_planks

- design:white_wood_planks

- design:smooth_dark_oak

- design:smooth_dark_oak_up

- design:smooth_spruce

- design:smooth_spruce_up

- design:yellow_planks

- design:crate

- design:beetroot_crate

- design:planks_spruce_polished

- design:sugarcane_block

- design:planks_white_polished

- design:planks_light_gray_polished

- design:planks_gray_polished

- design:planks_black_polished

- design:planks_yellow_polished

- design:planks_red_polished

- design:planks_purple_polished

- design:planks_pink_polished

- design:planks_orange_polished

/function :

- design:planks_magenta_polished

- design:planks_lime_polished

- design:planks_light_blue_polished

- design:planks_green_polished

- design:planks_cyan_polished

- design:planks_brown_polished

- design:planks_blue_polished

/function :

- design:concrete_road_connector1

- design:concrete_road_connector2

- design:concrete_road_connector3

- design:concrete_road_connector4

- design:concrete_road_connector5

- design:concrete_road_corner1

- design:concrete_road_corner2

- design:concrete_road_corner3

- design:concrete_road_corner4

- design:concrete_road_straight_white_line1

- design:concrete_road_straight_white_line2

/function :

- design:aqua_double_tile

- design:aqua_quad_tile

- design:chess_tile

- design:brick_tile

- design:cold_stone_tile

- design:marblesand_tile

- design:pooltile

- design:pooltile_brown

- design:white_double_tile

- design:stone_tile_granulated

- design:spottedstone_tile

- design:wood_floor_tile

- design:wood_floor_tile2

- design:marble_smooth_tile

- design:diorite_tile

- design:cold_stone_polished

- design:smokey_concrete_tile


Our mission is to bring you as many decorative blocks as possible

to always let you to build something that you like


[ Social Links ]

Discord : ( for chatting, ideas/suggestions & feedbacks );

Twitter : ( for regular announcements );

[ Terms of Usage ]

- You can't repost this Add-On anywhere without permission;

- You are allowed to use this Add-On in your videos only if you give proper credit;

- You aren't allowed to use this Add-On in public maps without permission;

Select version for changelog:


[ New Blocks ] :

-Smokey Concrete Tile

-Caution Neon

-Designed Black Steel

-Office Light Off

-Pulse Core

-Packed Rust

-Reinforced Rusty Iron Block

-Reinforced iron

-Chiseled Reinforced iron

-Polished Cold Stone

-Lead Block

-Fiber Cement ( with all color variants )

-Polished Planks ( with all color variants )

-Colored Wood ( all missing variants )

[ Retextures ] :

- Current Colored Planks

- Office Light

- Office Vent

- Blue Bricks

- Brick Tile

- Cold Stone Tile

- Hardened Concrete

- Nailed Hardened Concrete

- Industrial Block

- Spotted Stone Tile    

[ Fixes } :

- Diorite Tile was given twice when the function was executed ;

- Gray Fresh Brick was given twice when the function was executed ;


This is Version 1.1.0 of the Add-On. Always delete the old versions before installing the new ones !

1.) Download the Add-On from below ;

2.) After the download is finished click or tap open and it will automatically add the files to your Minecraft ;


  • BlockPlus1.1_1605218758.mcaddon
  • BlockPlus-1.1.mcaddon

Supported Minecraft versions

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4.26 / 5 (27 votes)
Is it ok if I use this addon for a world I’m working on?
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ultraminecraftgamer69420 June 30, 2021 at 11:36 pm
um is it possible too make it appear in the creative menu? Our lord will be delighted.
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Awesome Add-on, Reda & Matt and the rest of the Team did an Amazing Job! I can't wait for the new Blocks and Features on Blocks Plus 1.2!!
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i lost the addon when my tablet broke so now i have a laptop i am screaming of joy now that i found this again:D
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Thehaloprotector May 08, 2021 at 4:15 am
So I saw this addon 9 months ago admin deleted it form my minecraft and I was indiana jones because I have been finding this addon for 1 week week and I found it it's so perfect!!!!
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отличный мод
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Ok... I checked this addon out. And i gotta say.... Its purfect for map making! Of course the blocks (industrial blocks for example) would be useful for a horror or adventure map or a different kind of map. If the sci-fi blocks do end up being added as someone's suggestion then a sci-fi map would go purfectly (maybe a alien map would be made with this addon if it do happens).
I'd highly recommend being creative with some new sci-fi block ideas (again if someone do ends up suggesting it). Keep up the great work ^w^
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Annoying watermark, mind removing? I don’t even know how to export worlds, I won’t plagiarize.
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Hi, I am looking at making a MOD, similar to Valhelsia v3, and would like to use some parts of your mods my creation, I will make sure to provide full credits. I will make sure to let you know when the mod is done, thank you in advance.
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Go to the discord server
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I love this Addon. Its a pretty good addon for Making Houses Better Than The Regulaur Houses I Made in Survival. Thank you for this addon i like this.
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Dear creator thank you for this blessing of a addon also my favorite is the industrial category anyway thank you for this addon being made also may i use it?i will credit you anyway a toddle ly doo!
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Ofc you can, btw we also suggest you to join our discord server and send the map or video on the Showcase channel, so that we can try it☺️
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What’s your discord server?
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I made a map with this.
You mind if i make it public
(Yes I will credit you if so)
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I just realized I forgot to leave a review.
This addon does it's thing and it does it well.
There could be more things like stairs and slabs but what you have already is great.
Honestly this is a really good addon for people who want to add alot of depth to their builds without taking up too much space on their device.
I really like this tbh.
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Thank you very much for the review ♥️, about the slabs and stairs we are just waiting for the full release of the beta that allows custom shapes for custom blocks, and yeah there's no problem we give you the permission to use it in your map, we also invite you to our discord server and post the link of your map on the advertisment channel, so that we can check it when you make it public☺️
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when the shulker boxes pop up i open them and theyre all empty
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Check if you have loaded the resource pack as well
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