Actual Guns CSO V3.1.15: [ Designer's Toolkit Collab ]

"Actual Guns" is the first add-on to introduce custom guns into Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and features such as First shot accuracy, Recoil recovery, Skins, Different accuracy when (jumping, walking, in air, swimming, ladder, etc), Hit-markers, Announcers, B Modes (Semi, Burst, Change of gun, Silencers), Enhancements, Attachments, Editions, Parts and more! it was previously made by TheEnderface and Keyyard, I have took the add-on expanded it; re-wrote everything so it's brand new. It contains about 100+ weapon items (this includes grenades, melees, guns, etc). All the weapons in this add-on are unique in terms of their stats (everything will feel different) and their texture - we don't like copy pasta here!

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- Skorpion is now craftable

- Magnum Pistol is now craftable

- Pipebomb is now craftable

- Guitar is now craftable

- Nightstick is now craftable

- Widowmaker is now craftable

- Pistol is now craftable

- Desert Rifle is now craftable

- Explosive Grenade is now craftable

- M67 Grenade is now craftable

- Smoke Grenade is now craftable

- Molotov Grenade is now craftable

- M24 Grenade is now craftable

- C4 is now craftable



- P99's moving inaccuracy values now go up in a fixed number rather than random numbers that I typed

- USP "Chernobyl" now has it's own actionbar instead of a popup

- A few items will not no longer stop you when using them (C4, Healing, etc)

- Horde cannot be summed by egg (re-download the DLC)



- Reduced the recoil of K7 whilst moving (re-download the DLC)

- Significantly reduced the accuracy of XD-M whilst in air

- XD-M bullets now have gravity

- Removed a few stages from the XD-M

- Reduced the recoil of XD-M

- XD-M bullet count is now lowered to 14/42

- Gave the AK-47 the Counter-Strike adjustment (3rd generation, ability to run and gun!)

- Gave the R8 the Counter-Strike adjustment (3rd generation, ability to run and gun!)

- Reduced the accuracy of R8 when moving and in air

- P99's and Evo's moving recoil time (how long it stays on your screen) has been drastically increased

- Reduced the recoil of USP whilst sneaking

- Reduced the recoil of USP whilst unsneaking

- Increased the recoil of USP whilst moving

- AWM's BMG attachment will now penetrate entities (re-download the DLC)

- Significantly decreased the horde spawn rate (re-download the DLC)  



- Fixed moving and stand-still recoil being applied at the same time when the player is moving and shooting

- Swapped P99's and Evo's stand-still and moving recoil values

- Lowered P99's and Evo's sneaking recoil (it was more than stand-still)

- Fixed a bug where if you had the AK-47 red edition in hand you can still get it again if you mutate yourself using adrenaline shots

- Fixed a bug with the USP; the first shot is skipped when firing and it goes to the second shot instead

- AWM will no longer gain unexplained speed when you finish firing in scoped mode

- Fixed AWM attachments, apparently the "fix" I did wasn't enough (I hate mojang SO MUCH!!!) (re-download the DLC)

- Fixed hitmaker sounds

- "Fixed" hitmarker icon, it will play for certain guns that don't have skin support (maybe ill do something about it in the future)

- Holy Grenade's item texture is no longer uneven


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The survival update will be V3.1.16.

V3.1.16 is now in the works!

Edit: The update WILL take long to ship, not only because there's so much content (it's not just about crafting, duh) plus I have recently started a college course that is incredibly tough (3 A levels), and that's a long leap from what I used to study previously.

You can still message me and I will reply, but add-on wise I will slow down a lot and will take my time with it. Make sure to give me ideas and suggestions for the update if you like as well.
oh and I forgot something I have all the packs and dlc downloaded help me this complement is magnificent and I can't compare it with another.
Try making a new world. Before entering, enable only the resource pack and behavior pack of the base addon and enable all experimental options, see if that helps.
azoz sorry for answering very late this is the problem I have: I can't shoot any weapon, the custom UI for weapon heating and precision does not appear and more, I already activated all the experimental options please help me, I play on Bedrock android. help 😭🙏😭
Hey some of the guns are black and purple and some aren't showing
Do you have another resource pack in the world, or just a complicated global resource?
All i have are the dlcs and only one but i have a normal global resource
You need the base addon to activate DLCs, enable resources in the world and not global.
Please help from AZOZ. I can't play your mcaddon or plugin, whatever you call it, it doesn't work. I turned on festive creator features, molang features, and upcoming creator features. Please help. my minecraft version is: please help me 🙏 i want to play ACTUAL GUNS please help.

For more frequent updates and news about the add-on and upcoming updates, please check our Twitter!
Can ya make it go straight to mediafire & not linkvertise. I'm tired of having to install random things. Also which link does that you may ask? ALL OF THEM DO THAT. & it's annoying :P
Linkvertise is the only thing keeping me motivated to update this add-on. I double checked the linkvertise links and none of them have this option, otherwise I can't upload or update the add-on since MCPEDL can check the links through their system.
Just search linkvertise bypass. Should be one of the first search results. Skips Linkvertise like it's nothing :)
Seems like a nice addon but it'd be nice to download it without having to download opera gx
Never encountered that in the links. Are you sure? which link is this affecting?
I also had the same problem, you can just start to download the program, and when it is installing, just cancel the installation. This happened with me, and it forced me to download Bit Game Booster (this program is actually good, it installs needed updates to drivers etc) and then I got past the download wall.
which dlc dp i need to download for the attachments, and if you dont mind adding what each dlc does? thanks!
btw great addon absolutely love it
For the attachments, you'll need the CSO2 DLC as the AWM is located there. I'll revamp this page in V3.1.16, so I'll do that as well.
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What experiments are needed?
Does it work with other add-ons (examples: scp recontainment v1.1 and scp dystopia?)
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Could you make some skins of the guns glow or only in armors and mobs? If you can can you add that feature
(Sorry for Bad English)
I can make the skins glow, but that's up to the designers of the skins.
Does the AG discord still exist?
Is it still active? If it is can I get an invite link?
It is, but nobody can join it again yet
Oh, alright.
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I know that this has worked before but when i had the beh pack and the res pack it still wont work. Only the mobs and showing items work.
You need to enable the experimental options in your world. Nice name.