Actual Guns CSO V3.1.2: 20 Stages of Hell (PART 1) - [SCRIPTS]

"Actual Guns" is the first Add-on to introduce custom guns and features such as Skins, Different accuracy when (jumping, walking, in air, swimming, ladder, etc), Silencers, Hit-markers, Announcers, Bursts, Semis, B Modes, Enhancements, Wiki, Editions, and more! it was previously made by TheEnderface and Keyyard, I have took the Add-on expanded it; re-wrote everything so it's brand new. It contains about 90 weapons items (this includes grenades, melees, guns, etc). All the weapons in this Add-on are unique in terms of their stats and texture - we don't like copy pasta here

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What is "Actual Guns"?

From what you have read from the brief introduction, it's an add-on that was made by Keyyard and TheEnderface. I have revived the add-on after a year of no sign of hope from updates and worked for about 5 months, I did well in these 5 months I spent on it based on the community feedback. Me and Jun work on this add-on from the start of 2020 April to just update it one single time, but my mind quickly changed because people really liked what we did - we have re-made the add-on to have better reloads, better mechanics, fixed a lot bugs and the add-on was no longer sneak to shoot! This add-on has come a long way since, adding things that no other gun add-on has ever made nor thought of and possibly never surpassing the efforts and we put to this project and how we take it so seriously. Our determination and creativity has lead us here, and also your support has helped us on this ever lasting journey. On October 31 2020, Actual Guns is based on Counter-Strike Online and still is to this day.


Why should you choose "Actual Guns"?

  1. Your opinion is heard, we listen to it.
  2. It is the first add-on to introduce custom made guns.
  3. Our changelogs in major updates are longer compared to other add-ons out there (8-12k characters)!
  4. We are the first ones to introduce the burst feature and silencers.
  5. Unlike other add-ons, they have "/playsound" for guns, meaning they will sound the same even if you are close or far from the sounds - we don't do that here, it's semi-realistic.
  6. We are the first ones to have draw sounds.
  7. When you shoot, villagers get scared (or if you hit with a certain melee or hold something scary, they will run).
  8. We are the first ones to Introduce custom scopes and iron sights.
  9. First Kill! Double Kill! Triple Kill! we've got those, we've got "Announcers"!
  10. Want to detect if you really hit that player? of course you do, we have "Hit Markers"!
  11. Want to turn your weapon into 3D? HQ Edition allows you to do that.
  12. Want a gun that harms people when you're reloading? want a gun that shoots void bullets and make your foes fly to their death? want a weapon that kicks people out of your world? we've got you covered!
  13. We've got more variety than every gun add-on combined, and best of all, they all have their own unique behaviours and stats!
  14. Do you want to know more about the add-on without bothering people or go in-depth? try the wiki!
  15. Unlike other creators on this site, we've got the determination in our mindsets and never keeps us stopping and we won't take any breaks unless necessary.
  16. You can get items in survival mode from villagers.
  17. SCRIPTS! they make the game more advanced and BETTER!
  18. 10 Tick removal, your guns can really shred people within milliseconds!
  19. Unlike other add-ons, the accuracy or recoils of guns get worse as you move or jump. It's very much like Counter-Strike!
  20. We are the first ones to achieve the longest ever changelog on MCPEDL!
  21. The add-on was based on DesnoGuns, a very nostalgic and old mod back in the day. Guess what? we have the artist who worked on the mod, and now he works in here! his name is Jun.
  22. We have the fastest rate of fire in all of Bedrock!
  23. The gameplay is unique, very fast paced and every decision you do is risky, it's quite competitive too.
  24. We have automatic reload!
  25. It gets even better, we have reserve ammo like first person shooters!
  26. Dual Weapons!
  27. The most polished gun add-on, and bugs are a rare occurrence.
  28. "Better Guns" isn't supported.
  29. Our textures are handmade, not ripped out of google and then re-edited to make it seem like you have made it.
  30. The fastest changing gun add-on of all time!

Grades, from best to worst

  • Epic
  • Transcendent
  • Unique
  • Advanced
  • Rare
  • Common

These are the kind of grades you will get from Decoders.


Weapons - Assault Rifles

Function getar

  • OICW
  • SG552
  • AKM
  • AK60
  • FNC
  • AS Val
  • M16A4
  • ARX-160
  • Stun Rifle
  • G11
  • M16A1
  • STG-44
  • HK416
  • Groza
  • M1918
  • Garand
  • AUG
  • Famas
  • Galil
  • AK-47
  • AK-74U
  • TAR-21
  • SCAR
  • M4A1
  • AN-94
  • Violin
  • F2000
  • Honeybadger


Weapons - Submachine Guns

Function getsmg

  • Bizon
  • TMP
  • MP40
  • K1A
  • UMP45
  • Thompson
  • Tempest
  • Kriss
  • P90
  • MP5
  • UZI
  • Sterling Bayonet
  • MP7A1
  • SR3M
  • MAC-10
  • Dual FMG-9


Weapons - Snipers

Function getsniper

  • XM2010
  • Mosin
  • TRG-42
  • M95
  • Power Falcon
  • AWP
  • SL8
  • G3SG1
  • Blaser R93 Tactical
  • Scout
  • PSG-1
  • SVD
  • M200
  • M107


Weapons - Pistols

Function getpistol

  • SVI
  • Void Avenger
  • MK23
  • Makarov
  • M79
  • P228
  • Gunslinger
  • Mauser
  • FiveSeven
  • Glock
  • AutoMag
  • King Cobra
  • M1911
  • Desperado
  • Deagle
  • Beretta
  • Maxim
  • Bubble Gun
  • Luger
  • R8
  • Welrod
  • USP
  • Dual Deagle
  • P99


Weapons - Shotguns

Function getshotgun

  • M3
  • KSG
  • SPAS-12
  • XM1014
  • Winchester
  • M1897
  • Striker
  • Jackhammer
  • Brecci


Weapons - Melee

Function getmelee

  • Blade Runebreaker (chargeable + upgradeable)
  • Balisog Knife
  • Karambit
  • Katana
  • M9
  • Ursus
  • Bowie
  • Nata Knife
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Kukri
  • Machete
  • Bat
  • Huntsman
  • Tomahawk
  • Skeleton Knife
  • Nomad Knife
  • Combat Knife
  • Dragon Knife
  • Tactical Knife
  • Crowbar
  • Insulator
  • Taser Knife


Weapons - Equipment

Function getetc

  • Sharpshooter
  • Adrenaline
  • Medical Kit
  • MGL
  • Black Dragon Cannon
  • MGL Venom
  • Ray Gun
  • RPG
  • Defuse Kit
  • Vest
  • Night Vision
  • Parachute
  • Gas Mask


Weapons - Grenades

Function getgrenade

  • Explosive
  • M67
  • Molotov
  • Flashbang
  • Smoke
  • Toxic
  • Holy
  • Electro
  • Love
  • Ghost
  • Trintity
  • Chain
  • Ice
  • Bat
  • Tear Gas
  • Coin
  • Cake
  • Water Balloon
  • M24
  • Peace
  • Gravity



This thing is called "Ghost Pet", it can be found anywhere in the world but it is very rare, you can tame it by feeding it with "Mileage", it's the currency of Actual Guns. It acts just like a wolf (but can fly!) and you can change the colour of it, the default colour is Red. That ghost is expensive!


Ah yes, the lovely Claymore. It is used to detonate any mob that crosses the red laser - even you! [DOES NOT SPAWN NATURNALLY]


Ah yes, the lovely Claymore. It is used to detonate any mob that crosses the red laser - even you! [DOES NOT SPAWN NATURNALLY]


A mob that goes back, and back. It is known as the "Chinese Ghost", "Stiff Corpse", "Hopping Vampire" or simply "Jiangshi". It has about 100 health and does decent amount of damage. It can be found in the forests, and it drops Mileage upon death. The Red version of it has double the status. Be aware!


A simple landmine. Don't step on it! [DOES NOT SPAWN NATURNALLY]


Supply Box! it can be found naturally in your world and it will re-fill your current ammo to the maximum.


Mileage Box. It will give you mileage upon right clicking or holding on it for a long time. Take the Mileage to buy things from Villagers! spawns naturally.


An innocent gas barrel. I wonder what will happen when you shoot it... [DOES NOT SPAWN NATURNALLY]


It isn't really a mob, but here it is anyways. It's called "Decoder", it comes in many variants and you can buy it from the Villagers to unbox random weapons. Just give it a little spin!


Credits - Creators



Credits - Contributors

  • OneShot
  • Veidt
  • Skedle
  • Paul
  • Jasinsk
  • PM48452
  • Maks
  • Llama
  • Nuke
  • Moises
  • justAsh0005
  • JuliusScizzor
  • hTk
  • XM
  • F8
  • Carlos
  • coptaine
  • ambient
  • ZG15
  • Jajastar9
  • Matt
  • Java
  • Mecha
  • WindLight
  • IcyGh0st
  • Renil
  • Nisky
  • mikem135
  • AvaRing
  • Axyt
  • Nikto
  • MrRoyDragoss
  • Floof Ball
  • Rex
  • Mullins
  • Sergeantjone
  • TakableBasket97
  • xHope
  • Panzer VI
  • ZWH
  • Fadi
  • 404imnotfound
  • Dxire
  • XylnxX
  • Pulse
  • Azuz

Feeling nostalgic? watch this!

Select version for changelog:


Added 1.17 under the support section of the addon.


  • This isn't a "real" update, it's for the people who keep asking if it's for 1.17.


Remember, stealing or copying the add-on in any form will get your add-on deleted. Ask for permission, but just don't be surprised if we say "No", because there are parts of the add-on that are only exclusive to AGCSO, and we don't anyone else having them.

And please, please please please read the wiki.


Please do not post the media fire links or make a clickbait out of it, you know exactly how many hours and months I've spent on this update and me having to tell specific people to have basic human decency is honestly out of this world. Thank you to everyone who understands and never did any of that, I hope you have a blessed life.

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i hate this i need to find wiki and a hidden buttn get a better job loser
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Hey, quick question. I'm trying to make a fun map using this mod and when I go to use the guns they work great! The problem I am having is when I use up all the ammo on a gun and the reserve ammo as well I can't refill the weapon. Even if I grab a new one in creative it still says it has no ammo. I've looked at the wiki and tried to do what I can but I couldn't figure it out. Could you help with this problem?
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I like this add-on. But unfortunately there is one problem> <
I'm trying to create a PVP world using this add-on, but even in adventure mode I can shoot endlessly.
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I want to be able to replenish ammo from the supply box when I run out of ammo, as I normally do. But even if you run out of bullets, you can still shoot ...
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Are you sure you downloaded the addon correctly? and you don't have other addons enabled with it?

Also, what gun are you using?
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I downloaded the add-on from this site. And that happened even though it was a world with no other add-ons installed.
This phenomenon occurs with all guns. Of course, the version is up to date.
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I have no idea what happened for the addon to behave this way, and you're the only one so far who has reported such bug so I'm not sure if this is only happening to you. Sure, MC did update their game and it did change some codes like the scopes but something like guns behaviour is something I doubt Mojang would dare to touch. Anyway, I will look into this once I have my access to my PC again in Nov/Dec.
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i hate this i need to find wiki and a hidden buttn get a better job loser
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how do i remove the electric thing?
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If AR's don't work why not just fix them and then post it for console players. I don't understand why people on Windows 10 just switch to Java and get better gun mods.
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Not sure what's there to fix? I mean it does say it's just for PC players because it uses scripts. If I had a choice to make it for consoles, I would have done that long ago.
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Could you at least release a version that supports mobile so like keep the current download but add one that supports mobile
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iOS and android
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So like add a second download for mobile
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Yes, but do the same with console!
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I can't. This will drastically slow down updates even more, and to be honest I won't even enjoy making it knowing I'm removing a specific script that is so important to this add-on.
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I'm on Xbox and this addon kind of works, I don't understand why you switch to scripts but I don't like it. I know you put in time for this addon and I appreciate it. Though it would be nice to see an update for console players or anything without scripts so we can play your addon 100% correctly. Last thing and sorry if this offends you, but it would be nice to see the ammo clips back again. (I don't like how you have to go out and find ammo when you could just have it in your inventory, or you could just replace the ammo box thing with a ammo crate but still have ammo clips. It would be like a trading system and you could find the ammo crate from care packages that rarely drop from the sky and also give you meds. Or you could find them at abandoned small military camps. Or just structures like in Call of Duty: Warzone. Sorry again if this offends you, but anyways love you content keep up the good work.) You Deserver a 5 star!
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I'm pretty sure someone said that you don't take ideas but just hear me out.
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The magazines will never ever come back to AG. I don't see what's the flaws in this system to bring back the magazines, this system is basically in every fps, including the game that this add-on is based on. Ammo is low? walk to a supply box to refill it. Ammo is low in general? due to balance, but you can make the reserve ammo go to any number you like: /scoreboard players set @s ak47res 9999999 (this works for any gun, just change the ak47 part).

For consoles, read the comment above that i said to Robotdragonfire.
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all my weapons are invisible, i can't see them
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Can you make all the gun 3d/hq? When I downloaded the mod and used it, it did not have an option to get the 3d/hq version of the mod in the creative invintory and in the commands.
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Also the for the 3d/hq guns the only one availible in the mod right now is the ak47 and that is it. I hope you are having a good day and hope you will do my request
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+ some melee weapons
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Also, I like the 3d/hq weapons they are awesome!!!
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They're going to make an appearence in the future. But remember, those aren't real "weapons" in the addon, they are practically skins. So, they aren't a priority and you will wait for a long time.
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Are there guns that I can use?, only thing there is just spawn eggs
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Enable experimental features toggles, they can be found in the game settings of your world.

A bad question I might add, since the addon is called "Actual Guns"..
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First off, great add-on. Second, I assume this isn't compatible with other add-ons, right?
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