Published on April 20, 2022 (Updated on April 19, 2022)


This addon adds backpacks to the game! They allow you to move large amounts of items from place to place or just to use them for more inventory space cheaply.

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  • Updated MCPEDL Page to include more information about the addon.



  • bundlepacks.mcaddon (36.41 KB)

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I can only put one stack and not more of an item at the time, horever I can put almost an infinite amount of stacks of different items, do you know why?
btw the add-on is very good
It uses the base bundle behaviour - and you can only put a single stack of items inside of that so it is unavoidable.
If possible pls make it to where items from other mods/addons can be in it other than that this is great. edit: another idea is to reduce capacity
Other mod's items can be placed inside it.
I am unable to reduce the capacity since there is a bug currently.
Could you please change the link by any chance? I wanna use this on xbox but cannot downlaod via your link because of xbox limitations