Published on April 20, 2022 (Updated on June 15, 2024)

Bundlepacks (Backpacks)

This addon adds backpacks to the game! They allow you to move large amounts of items from place to place or just to use them for more inventory space cheaply.

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Supported on 1.21.0 and above.


  • Moved to 1.21.0 min engine version.
  • Updated to stable features. This means the add-on will work with all future versions of the game.
  • The following block can now be placed into bundlepacks:
    • short_grass
    • fern
    • sunflower
    • lilac
    • tall_grass
    • large_fern
    • rose_bush
    • peony
    • tube_coral_block
    • brain_coral_block
    • bubble_coral_block
    • fire_coral_block
    • horn_coral_block
    • dead_tube_coral_block
    • dead_brain_coral_block
    • dead_bubble_coral_block
    • dead_fire_coral_block
    • dead_horn_coral_block
    • smooth_stone_slab
    • sandstone_slab
    • petrified_oak_slab
    • cobblestone_slab
    • brick_slab
    • stone_brick_slab
    • quartz_slab
    • nether_brick_slab


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Could you make the backpack equip in the shield slot and appear on the back?
This is nice!
this suck
Tengo 1.20.80, ya no me sirve el mod?
Olá, amigo! Você poderia deixar a mochila com o espaço maior? Seria muito bom.
Friend, are you going to update the add-on for 1.21?
Update for 1.21 is downloadable now!
how do I open the inventory of the backpack?
Hold the bundlepack in your hand, then right click or press the open button above your hotbar on mobile
damn kinda sus it can make babies from you from jumping
Also can you add upgrades because it’s legit 1 double chest big and I’m only able to use half. The upgrade could also make it so you can carry stuff your not able to carry cause when you get to the end this is basically just useless Please and thank you
Please fix the problem where your not able to open it some times and the problem where it equips itself onto your back and takes off your chest plate it’s very annoying especially for mobile because the open button sometimes doesn’t show up
All it needs is the ability to be worn with a chest plate and that would just make this addon perfect. However, I understand that would be hard as there wouldn't be a way to just simply remove the backpack.
I lost the ability to open my backpack when I wore it as armor and it took damage :(
You need to make sure the backpack doesn't break, it only has 100 durability.
is this addon compatible with other mods?
Yep most other mods should work with this one.
make it to where depending on the amount in the backpack it can cause the player to slow down
I swear if this addon gets updated to do that because of you I will forever hate you. even in my grave
its my opinion and I think it would be cooler leave me be
That’s a horrible opinion my guy I would have to find a different mod that doesn’t do that