Burnt Food

Have you ever thought that if you cook cooked food, it will burn? And you try to do it but it doesn't work. Maybe this can solve the problem. So this add-on will add edible burnt food (but burnt food is unhealthy)

You can make burnt food by cooking cooked food.

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  • fix the name "golden carrot burnt"
  • Added "rotten flesh cooked" and "rotten flesh Burnt"
  • Added "cooked clownfish" and "clownfish burnt"
  • Adding "potato Burnt"


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It's super cool, to troll other players, mostly because of the effects and because the beef that is burned looks a lot like normal, especially because of the effects, it's great that the dizziness effect gave for a good weather, even a chance of blindness by eating a lot of burnt food hahaha that would be super cool, crazy but cool
Good idea, but useless. I think it would be better if it gets burnt when we dont take out the cooked food for like 1 min or something. Bedrock modding if really limited so I hope you can somehow change it :D