Zombie Survival 2 (FIXED)

hi, this is my second map. This map is a continuation of ZOMBIE Survival.So it's good for you to play the map ZOMBIE Survival before playing this map.


☝️ZOMBIE Survival map link



After you pass through a village infested by zombies, you finally arrive at the tunnel to your city. but there is a bus blocking the way to your city.So your goal here is to find the BUS key in the sewer to open the bus door and head to your city. But a lot of zombies roam inside the sewer.

This map has a sequel so wait for the sequel

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  • fixed some spawn points
  • Fewer zombies (reduced lag)
  • Added a map
  • Fixed multiplayer bugs
  • Added some new checkpoints


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Maybe my boys and I were playing on the wrong version, but we got to the parkour area with the copper pipes, and when we died we got to the boss fight. I don't think that is what is intended. We looked around the map, looks like fun, similar to the last one, I think we did something wrong because we broke this map too. :(
I am really, really sorry. After I tried to die in the pipe room it turned out that it was true that I appeared in the boss battle.
I will fix it soon ;)
I've seen a few misspellings in the game, i suggest fixing them
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