Capture The Sheep [Minigame]

This game requires at least two players to start. The goal of each team is to capture a sheep and somehow return it to its base to earn points.

Get recourse for your team, killing the enemies, every time an enemy dies or is pushed out of the arena, all the members of your team will obtain resources.

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Fixed an issue with respawn (Blue Team)

The map should now work in realms

A new item was added to the store

Prices were changed in the store

Changed the durability of some swords, now you can only hit 6 times

Supported Minecraft versions

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This isn't capture the monument sir, this is kind of minigame I consider that you should remove CTM tag
Um... Is there a version I can download that is a .mcworld download in english? I couldnt find one and it is driving me crazy that this page is in englis and the only downoad I can find is in spanish.
doesn’t work at all
the version in spanish found, Gg gracias por la version en español que me da peresa leer el ingles xd
Im part of TIM (Team Infinite Minds), all of you that like the map, please have in mind that we have a Discord server to recive all your feedback (the link its next to our teams name in the start of the maps description). Also, next update of the map will include some new features, so stay tuned. ^-^
Yeah! It doesn’t! I tried it with my friend and it didn’t work!
Read the reply i leaved in the comment you have replied to, so i dont have to repeat it.
Im part of TIM (Team Infinite Minds). You are maybe doing somethink worng, like not having the last update installed, having pirate MCBE or no playing properly. For us the map runs well and we want other players to enjoy our maps as well. Please, join our oficial Discord (link in the description of the map), so we can help you. ^-^
The start button don't work. Please Fix it now.
Yesss I love it ???????????
Zhenya and Daniel June 20, 2018 at 7:22 am
not export in Windows 10
You could use the other methods to make the map load well
First and how do upload things?
make your world and on win 10 minecraft click export in edit game
My friend like it.