Castaway. Typical parkour map. The challenge is to reach the end of the map. Everything is situated on the island. Full of vegetation. You have to get to the bee where you will finish the map.

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Better main lobby:

  • Main lobby (All the rules of the game are now in the book)

Better map:

  • Tips (Helpful signs for finding your way)

Bug fixes:

  • Commands (The display of commands has been removed)



  • Castaway.mcworld (361.51 KB)

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Beautiful map, so much fun to play! Took quite a while but definitely worth playing :)))
I got stuck at the bottom of the well when I got the key and now I can’t get up pls help ?
This map is based on a movie named "Castaway"?
No, the map was not meant to refer to the movie "Cast Away". When building it, we didn't want to be inspired by it.
Can I make a minecraft youtube video with this map ?, I will include the original mcpe.dl link,thanks
Of course, the map is free to download and you can record a video from it on various platforms.
Don't forget to add #SquarePixels Studio so that we can see your movie.
Can this be played in 2 players or more?

I wanna make a yt video with a friend, I will give ya credit, I don't get money from the videos and I have 5 subs.

I can't pay, but I don't think I should as it is for the public to download
Of course, the map is free for everyone to download, as well as video recordings and publications on other sites. Good luck, mark us in # and we'll be happy to see your videos.
I liked it a lot.

The map is very beautiful (one of the most beautiful I have seen on the bedrock version) and the parkour is nice

There are however some things to change

* you have to put indicators in some places so as not to get lost afterwards, because there are a lot of different paths
* you have to put checkpoints too because you can easily miss some jumps

Otherwise I put 5 stars
Thank you for the feedback. In the next update we will correct the mistakes.
Hey. Unfortunately, the administration of MCPEDL is very slow. The new revised description will be coming soon.
Guest-9086943185 May 31, 2020 at 4:15 pm
Ye ye, whatever

"Nobody will help you here"
you say and what I'm sayin is
"Nobody want to download this map"
How about u make ur own map if u don't want to download this persons map.
Guest-7507986987 May 31, 2020 at 6:39 pm
why are you being rude
Hey, I actually enjoyed this map? What are you talking about, Guest-9086943185, and why do you hate AlekNowak so much?