category: Scripts

By Nperma
Published on 19 Nov, 2023
SERVERTOOL-BEI hope this addon is useful for you                          :>               
By Insomnia Group
Published on 21 Nov, 2023
Are you tired of mobs cluttering your Minecraft world, taking up precious space and causing chaos and lag? It's time to streamline your mob experience and maximize your gameplay...
By Insomnia Group
Published on 21 Nov, 2023
Customize your in-game presence and stand out from the crowd with In-Game Chat Ranks. Engage in meaningful conversations, forge alliances, and build lasting friendships as you n...
By TheLegendaryTrashCan
Published on 15 Nov, 2023
Are you tired of your server being boring? Download this 100% stable development version addon today!Azalea is a feature-rich server essentials addon for Minecraft Bedrock Editi...
By AjayMC
Published on 13 Nov, 2023
Casino Addon is an addon created with API Script, Casino Addon has several gambling games that prioritize luck, use this addon on the server so that players win or lose quickly 💀
By Team MinecraftPe
Published on 7 Nov, 2023
Enhance your Minecraft Bedrock adventures with 'Waypoints BP', the essential navigation addon that lets you mark, manage, and teleport to up to 10 unique waypoints. Never lose y...
By xskt
Published on 5 Nov, 2023
Double the Elegance with Double Doors! Improve our Minecraft experience by adding support for the behavior of double doors. Enhance your builds and create stunning entrances wit...
By MetalManiac
Published on 2 Nov, 2023
Ever wanted an illegal block in a build? This small script lets you change the permutations (block states) of a block using a book on it in Creative mode. Works with custom bloc...
By Lete114
Published on 30 Oct, 2023
you time when you come across a huge oak tree, which can be very hard to deal with, and it's a waste of time when you have to cut down huge jungle trees and dark oaks!
Published on 29 Oct, 2023
this shop script/addon its ment for servers and realms but you can use it in your own world!! i also made some vanillia Items craftable, the pack also adds some custom weapons t...
By Emerald5352
Published on 29 Oct, 2023
Troll your friend with this easy to use add-on that can rename yourself or even hide your name! Even you're name in chat shows up! It's as simple as using a name tag, if you're ...
By JackWorlds
Published on 29 Oct, 2023
This great addon will even allow you to use custom chat commands with command blocks.The addon is an extension that utilizes a script API to help combine script events with comm...
By xAssassin
Published on 29 Oct, 2023
Want a simple system that allows you to set bounties on other players? This allows for a more healthy economy and presents a challenge for whoever is unlucky enough to be the mo...
By spidiweb7
Published on 29 Oct, 2023
Are you bored of manually destroying your crops to then replant them? If so then this mod is for you! Simple right click using a hoe on a crop that is fully grown and have it au...