Published on September 23, 2020 (Updated on September 23, 2020)

Cats+ Add-on

The Cats+ Add-on aims to add new cat-centered features to Minecraft. It adds more types of cats to the game, including in the Nether and the End, as well as some new items that help cat owners play with & protect their feline friends. A couple of the new cats have cool abilities like the ability to teleport or immunity to fire!


This is an add-on that adds a couple of new types of cats to Minecraft, as well as multiple armor types and treats!

New Cat Types

Blaze Cat 

The Blaze Cat spawns in the Nether. These golden felines move quickly and have a natural immunity to fire and lava damage.

Ender Cat

The Ender Cat spawns in the End! That wasn't too difficult to guess, was it? This cat has some features which are closely related to the Enderman such as the glowing eyes. However, there's a slight difference in that sense that it doesn't have a problem with being looked at. The End Cat has the ability to quickly teleport, but it will only use this ability if it gets angered or wet!

Easter Egg Skins 

Use the nametag to get special skins for your new cats!

Colorful Cat  

The Colorful Cat is covered in various shades of its collar color. Aside from the nice splash of color, it works much similar to an ordinary cat. To add this awesome cat to your collection, use a nametag with the label "colorfulcat".


Do you want your cat to look like an ocelot? It's simple. Just use a name tag to name your cat "ocelot".

Easter Egg Skin Compatibility & Info

  • The Easter egg skins are limited to Overworld cats.
  • Cats can be renamed to anything that's not an Easter egg name while an Easter egg skin is active and the skin will stay.
  • If you want to remove the Easter egg skin and return to what the cat used to look like, use a nametag with the label "bathtime."


The Cats+ Add-on also adds something called Cat Treats which you can use to recover your lovely cat's health. You can't use this for breeding though. But this is a good thing as then you are able to quickly recover the health of many cats without ending up with plenty more cats than you started with.

Strange Cat Treat

Adding Nether Wart to the cat treat recipe will get you some Strange Cat Treats instead! The Strange Cat Treat is an unstable treat (which also smells funny), so it needs to be crafted with something else before your cat is likely to consider eating it. Here are the different Strange Cat Treat recipes which are available:

Maximizing Cat Treat

Feed your cat a Maximizing Cat Treat and they will double in size! It's a cat though, so no free rides! Besides their larger size, they will also benefit from having more health and attack power.

Minimizing Cat Treat

Feed your cat a Minimizing Cat Treat and they will shrink in size. This will make them run faster and also fit under half-slabs! Their health will remain the same as a standard-sized cat, but they will have less attack power.

Normalizing Cat Treat

After some experimenting you might want to reset your huge or mini cat to normal size. Give them some Normalizing Cat Treat to do that!

Phasing Cat Treat

If you feed a cat a Phasing Cat Treat they will begin to teleport randomly for a while like an Enderman. To make them stop, tell them to sit. Ender cats have control over their ability to teleport, so they won't get this effect - instead they'll gain health.

Kelp Cat Treat 

Ever fight a witch with your tamed cat in tow and end up having to suffer through helplessly watching your cat slowly succumb to the effects of poison? With the kelp cat treat, you can actually cure negative status effects! Take that, poison.

Forgetful Cat Treat 

Accidentally tame one too many cats? Need to undo giving your cat an ability? Want to pass your cat on to someone else? Feed them this treat! The Forgetful Cat Treat will cause any tamed cat to forget their owner and remove any and all upgrades given to the cat. Note that this will reactivate any wild instincts the cat had before it was tamed, so have some fish at the ready to make sure it won't run away!

Other Features

The Cats+ add-on has a few other features:

  • Inspired by their behavior in Minecraft Dungeons, cats will now attack creepers on sight, and creepers will not retaliate. There is a protection in place so that if another add-on changes creeper behavior, cats will not attack them anymore (to avoid explosive events).
  • Tamed cats now defend their owners
  • Cats and ocelots now have a new attack animation.
  • Cats have smoother animations for certain actions
  • If you hold a stick, you can tell your tamed cats to roam without following you around. This doesn't un-tame - it just allows them to have the option to wander around your house instead of just sitting in place all day. They'll also still come to defend you if they're close enough to notice a situation.
  • When they don't have much else to do, tamed cats may occasionally lay down and rest for a bit, or until something interesting happens.
  • Fight Wisely! Tamed cats now notice if they've taken lots of damage and if so, they will withdraw from battle to avoid getting KO'd.
  • Tamed cats will now only automatically sit on chests & beds if they AREN'T following their owner. This is to help prevent cats getting lost in villages or in random bases because they decided they wanted to sit on a bed.
  • Cats' eyes now have a very subtle glow when they're in the dark.

Down, but not out!

If a tamed cat happens to take some sort of fatal damage, it will enter the "downed" state. A downed cat becomes immobilized and unresponsive to any commands.

You have a few minutes to revive the cat before they're gone forever using either a golden apple or a cat emergency kit.

Cat Emergency Kits will revive a downed cat, bringing them back up to the health that they had just before being KO'd. Kits are consumed upon use. Note that a cat who takes fatal damage from lava will not enter the downed state - this is the one situation to avoid if at all possible.


The recipe for this one will likely change in the future, but for now, if you craft together some grass with some netherwart, you'll get catnip! If you give your tamed cat some catnip, it'll start to run around crazily and it'll just generally act silly. Cats that have been given catnip cannot be told to sit and they will not follow the player, except by teleporting. After a little while, the effects of the catnip will subside. You'll need to wait a little while before you can give the cat some catnip again. 

Extra Protection

This add-on also includes armor for tamed cats! Similar to player armor, armor made from higher tier materials do a better job at protecting your feline friend. To remove armor, use shears on the cat. Only the cat's owner can change its equipment.

Golden Cat Armor

Emerald Cat Armor

Iron Cat Armor

Diamond Cat Armor

Netherite Cat Armor

Netherite Cat Armor has the same protection level as diamond, with an added benefit of reducing knockback taken. Will eventually be a smithing table recipe, rather than a crafting recipe. The item is not fireproof at the moment, so please don't toss it into lava for lulz.

Bright Cat Armor

The Bright Cat Armor allows a cat to become a moving light source! There are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, this armor will update blocks as the cat moves. This means that it may cause cave-ins if the cat walks over a sand bridge or near gravel. Secondly, this armor doesn't work underwater. Third, if the armor seems to leave behind some light (shouldn't happen, but might), the cat can walk back into that spot to clear it.

Force Field

If you equip a cat with this armor, it will render them completely immune to any outside sources of damage - while also rendering them unable to attack. 

Known Issues

Here are some common issues that you might run into while trying to use the add-on:

  • If you're familiar with Wolves+, you might notice that there are no toys or beds. The reason for this is that I'm waiting on some new item components to get out of beta. Unfortunately, cats from this add-on are not able to play with the wolf toys from Wolves+.
  • If you find that a cat's geometry or textures look odd, or some animations don't seem to work right, try making sure that the Cats+ pack is as high up on the resource pack list as it can go.

A Final Note

I'll more than likely continue to work on this add-on as time passes to remove bugs and refine/add features - especially as Mojang continues to unlock new add-on possibilities. I hope you enjoy it! Follow me on Twitter for more add-ons. :D


You may:

  • Use this add-on in your worlds and play with friends.
  • Use this pack in a hosted server, just be sure to give credit!
  • Use this add-on in videos, just be sure to give credit!

You may NOT:

  • Take any component of this add-on and pass it off as your own.
  • Charge for access to this add-on in any way, including by using URL shorteners.

You must:

  • Use the direct link to this page if you are sharing a link to the add-on.
  • Be a responsible cat owner. These guys are entrusting their whole lives to you!


Download the add-on, open it and Minecraft should automatically install it for you.


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4.76 / 5 (21 votes)
Please Please PLEASE add a function so that I can hold my tamed cat.
I love all of the animal addons you make! This one works perfectly with a realm i have but i really feel like there should be a horse one too. it would be so cool to have more horses and stuff.
I really like this addon I'm a huge cat lover as well as dogs so i found this addon as well as your wolves+ addon lots of fun. I just have one request can can you please keep adding content and updating it, i would really like to see it updated to 1 18, best regards
Edit: can you also add some toys, pet beds and a food and water bowl for both wolves* and cats+ mainly food and water for wolves+
Just because you like wolves more than cats, that doesn’t mean you should leave this mod with no updates, please add as much content here just like your Wolves+ mod.
When’s the next update gonna come out? also pretty good addon
Does this work on 1.17?
I’ve used it on 1.17 and newer versions and it works so maybe it will work for you
LOVE the wolves plus mod, glad to see there's a cats version. do you plan on adding new biome-specific skins, like a frost cat or different breeds?
JENNIFER DE LIMA GONCALVES June 17, 2021 at 12:05 pm
Esse é o melhor addon de gato que eu ja joguei, por favor atualize ele para a versão 1.17 pois ele nao esta mais compativel e eu amo os meu gatinhos para abondonalos.
Me gusta este completo lástima que no ha tenido alguna actualización en casi un año
Same problem as flochie, I really want to add this to the same world with the wolves plus addon, how can this be fixed
When I download and open in Minecraft PE, it says not a valid ZIP archive. How do I fix this?
There’s this app called izip, download it to that and then from there download it to minecraft, worked for me, idk if it’s on android though, I also don’t know what u play on
Can you make it like wolves+ like the toys beds and add more cats pls like add a rainbow cat Easter egg skin
Could u make Farm+? Like redo the behaviors of the cows/mooshrooms, sheep, pigs, chicken etc. because they need some new variations and they’re quite bland right now.
Can you make a fox+ please 🥺
And maybe a parrot plus too 😁
Can you plz make cat toys and cat beds or a pet locator if u misplace your pets.