Published on July 23, 2019 (Updated on April 19, 2021)

Wolves+ (v3.0.1 Update)

The Wolves+ add-on adds new wolf-centered features to Minecraft. It adds more types of wolves to the overworld, nether and End, as well as some new items that can help wolf owners play with & protect their canine friends. Some of the new wolf types have special abilities, such as being able to teleport or swim underwater!


This add-on adds a total of 17 new types of wolves to the game (with 15 of those spawning naturally in the world), along with 3 wolf toys, multiple types of armor and equipment, treats, and beds! There's even a dog house!

Wolf Types

Many of the new wolves spawn in the overworld in different biomes, but certain ones also appear in the Nether and the End.


Brown Wolf

The Brown Wolf spawns in Mountain Forests. They occasionally howl at night. When one of them howls, the rest (tamed or not) join in too!


Black Wolf

The Black Wolf spawns in M Taigas.


White Wolf

The White Wolf spawns in snowy areas.



Huskies spawn in snowy areas. They come in lots of colors, and there's even a really rare albino variant!


Wild Dog

The Wild Dog spawns in savannas. Inspired by real life African Wild Dogs, these guys are smaller than the usual wolf, with big ears. They also have randomized coat patterns, with 25 different possible combinations!


Frost Wolf

The Frost Wolf also spawns in snowy areas and is distinguished by its gray/white coat and ice blue eyes. It's closely related to the White Wolf and the Husky, but hunting Stray Skeletons out in the frozen landscape has given it a mutation that causes it to inflict slowness for five seconds to whoever it bites.


Scent Hound

The Scent Hound spawns in birch forests and is really good at finding things with its nose. They remember the spot that they're born and can return there from far away. This can be handy for finding your way back home!


Nether Hound

The Nether Hound spawns in the Nether. Since they spawn in a hostile environment, they'll quickly avoid the player if approached without a bone. Nether Hounds have a symbiotic interaction with the crimson and warped forests - if a blaze wolf steps into a crimson/warped forest, the forest will eventually begin to grow on them (literally), giving the fungi a way to travel & spread as it gives beneficial effects to the wolf.

Crimson fungi increases the fierceness of the wolf, giving it more speed and power. Tamed wolves with crimson fungi will also initiate attacks if a monster gets too close. Warped fungi can slowly revive a wolf if it gets downed - saving it from certain doom.


Ender Wolf 


The Ender Wolf spawns in... you guessed it, the End! This wolf's eyes glow like an Enderman's eyes do, but it doesn't have a problem with being looked at. It also possesses the ability to quickly teleport, but will only do so if angered. Water is a strange thing to them so they tend to avoid it, but will be just about as happy as the average household cat if they do get wet. They can only be bred using chorus fruit, which is also a very healthy snack for them (I mean, there's not much else to eat here so...).


Dire Wolf

Dire Wolves rarely spawn in M Taigas. They normally appear with a brownish-grey coat, but can occasionally appear either with a jet black coat or as an albino. In the wild, they are very territorial and will attack anyone who gets too close without a bone to offer. They also hunt various kinds of livestock for food. They are larger, faster, and stronger than normal wolves, able to outrun a player without speed buffs.

When tamed, they retain their serious expression - no puppy dog eyes here. They are very protective of their master - following closely and attacking any monsters that get too close. Once dire wolves have a target, they will chase them for a great distance until they catch them, even running ahead of their master. This behavior can be great for a hunt, but it also means that they may accidentally abandon their master if something catches their attention. They don't just protect their master - they keep a watchful eye and if a monster happens to be sneaking up on another player close by, they may jump in to protect them as well. 


Rescue Hound

These guys spawn in cold climates. Rescue Hounds are an unusual type of canine - they spawn with a special energy canister around their neck that allows them to heal nearby players and animals using a super bark that also pushes away (and aggravates) monsters.

In the wild, they mostly roam just like normal wolves. When tamed, rescue hounds have the ability to revive downed wolves on their own - which can be a vital asset when in battle or travelling through dangerous terrain. They don't fight, but they aren't afraid either! If a monster gets too close, they'll give a loud bark to signal their owner that danger is closing in.


Prismarine Wolf

The Prismarine Wolf is a stern-looking, naturally amphibious wolf that spawns in deep oceans. Prismarine Wolves prefer life underwater and are excellent swimmers. They're also natural enemies of the drowned. They can exit the water freely without worrying about drowning, but they aren't accustomed to life out of the water so they will move a bit more sluggishly than a land wolf normally would.


Zombie Wolf

Zombie Wolves are wolves that have unfortunately been infected by the zombie virus that plagues the world of Minecraft. Zombified wolves can spawn in any dimly lit forest, are hostile to players and other mobs (including wolves), and cannot be tamed - unless they are cured with a golden wolf treat! Once you cure a Zombified wolf, they'll slowly return to normal.

Once fully cured, they'll have a much kinder appearance and demeanor and can be tamed, though some of their scars remain. Cured zombie wolves receive thankfulness +3 and zombie immunity +5 (not that it matters) and they behave as normal wolves do.


Wandering Wolf

Where did he come from? Where is he going? Where did he get all of this stuff? We may never know the answers. But, they appear wearing a special cloak that's reminiscent of everyone's favorite wandering salesman. :D

Wandering wolves spawn throughout the overworld, and can trade bone for wolf-related items! If you interact with them while holding a bone, you can tame them too. Only one wild wandering wolf may be present at a time.


Elemental Wolves

When the initial version of this add-on released, I had received lots of requests, even from family, to create a winged wolf that could breathe fire, so this is what became of that idea - elementally-themed wolves that can fly!

These guys have been added as more of an endgame feature - to get them, you'll need to feed a non-transformed wolf a dragon wolf treat (see recipe below). The location that you feed them the treat determines what elemental wolf you get, with seven different types total! You can change an elemental wolf back to normal using a golden wolf treat, and they'll still have their unique traits.


Elemental wolves have an immunity to fire and lava damage and can utilize both melee and long-range attacks, depending on the situation. Different elemental wolves have different types of ranged attacks, so try different elements and see which works best for you. They also have the ability to fly at will. An airborne tamed elemental wolf will fall to the ground if told to sit.


These guys can fly, and will switch to flight mode when targeting a mob or being ridden. They're still learning proper flight skills though, so be very careful not to allow them to fly away. They can be tricky to catch if you tell them not to follow you and they fly off (whistles are really handy here!). They're also immune to fall damage, so no worries there. :)


Skeleton Wolf

The skeleton wolf is a new addition to Wolves+! Hailing from Minecraft Earth, these undead canines are naturally hostile, and have the ability to use their ghastly howls to strengthen nearby skeleton mobs, including each other! They can be tamed using wolf treats (not bones). Another way to get them is to feed a non-transformed wolf a skeleton wolf treat (recipe below).

A tamed skeleton wolf gains the ability to regenerate, meaning that they will slowly regain health over time. They're a bit fragile though - with less health than a normal wolf. Skeleton wolves that get KO'd will fall apart (like dry bones form Super Mario). After some time has passed, they'll reconstruct and keep on going! Tamed skeleton wolves use their howl to slow monsters!


Easter Egg Skins

There are a total of seven different Easter egg skins! These don't spawn naturally. Instead, you can use a nametag to get the skin for your wolf.

Painted Wolf 

The Painted Wolf skin covers the wolf in different shades of its collar color! To get it, use a nametag with the label "paintedpup." 


ChocoSprinkle Wolf 

The ChocoSprinkle Wolf was lovingly created by one of my little cousins. This wolf will shake sprinkles instead of water when it dries off. To get it, use a nametag with the label "chocosprinkle." 



The RoboWolf was lovingly created by my little step-bro. This wolf glows brightly in the dark and it's even water-proof! To get it, use a nametag with the label "e_robodog." 



This skin is a moving gradient of the wolf's collar color. To get it, use a nametag with the label "monochrome." 



This skin is a moving rainbow gradient. To get it, use a nametag with the label "spectrum." 


Original Savanna Wolf

This is a recreation of the old savanna wolf skin! To get it, use a nametag with the label "og_savanna." 


Original Rescue Hound

This is a recreation of the old rescue hound skin! To get it, use a nametag with the label "og_rescue." 



Easter Egg Skin Compatibility & Info

  • The Easter egg skins are available for every type of wolf. :)
  • Wolves can be renamed to anything that's not an Easter egg name while an Easter egg skin is active and the skin will stay.
  • If you want to remove the Easter egg skin and return to what the wolf used to look like, use a nametag with the label "bathtime."


The Full Cast



The Wolves+ add-on also adds Wolf Treats that can be used to recover your wolf's health. They can't be used for breeding though, which makes them handy if you want to feed a bunch of wolves at the same time without possibly ending up with n/2 more wolves than you started with.


Strange Wolf Treat

If you add nether wart to the wolf treat recipe, you'll end up making Strange Wolf Treats instead! The strange wolf treat is unstable (and smells funny), so it needs to be crafted with something else in order for a wolf to consider eating it. Here are the Strange Wolf Treat recipes available:


Maximizing Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Maximizing Wolf Treat they will double in size, allowing you to ride them if you want - but be careful, that's your best friend you're riding! They'll also benefit from increased health and attack power.


Minimizing Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Minimizing Wolf Treat they will shrink in size, enabling them to run much faster and fit under half-slabs! Their health remains the same as a standard-sized wolf, but their attack power is decreased.


Youthful Wolf Treat

Feeding a tamed wolf a youthful wolf treat will turn them back into a puppy, and they'll stay that way until you feed them a Normalizing wolf treat!


Normalizing Wolf Treat

To return a huge or mini wolf to normal size, give them a Normalizing Wolf Treat.


Phasing Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Phasing Wolf Treat they will begin to teleport randomly for a while like an Enderman. To make them stop, tell them to sit. End wolves have control over their ability to teleport, so they won't get this effect - instead they'll gain health. :)


Gelatinous Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Gelatinous Wolf Treat they'll gain immunity to fall damage and will be able to jump much higher while being ridden.


Wolf Treat Aquatic

If you feed a wolf a Wolf Treat Aquatic they'll gain the ability to swim underwater! To make a wolf swim underwater, use the Dive command while they're in water. After you teach them to swim the first time, their overall water speed will be increased, allowing them to move much more quickly through the water whether above or below the surface. Note that, right now, there are some wolves that are incompatible with this treat (Nether Hounds, for one).


Honeyglazed Wolf Treat

Ever fight a witch with your tamed wolf in tow and end up having to suffer through helplessly watching your wolf slowly succumb to the effects of poison? With the honeyglazed wolf treat, you can actually cure negative status effects! Take that, poison.


Golden Wolf Treat

The golden wolf treat has a purifying effect on the wolf, and can be used to cure zombie wolves and undo transformations. They can also be used in a pinch to revive downed wolves if you don't happen to have an emergency kit on-hand.


Dragon Wolf Treat

Feeding a non-skeleton wolf one of these will transform them into an elemental wolf! Which type of elemental wolf? It depends on the environment you're in! If you're somewhere really cold, you'll get an ice elemental wolf. If you're somewhere really, really, really hot, you'll get a fire elemental wolf. If you're up above the clouds, you'll get an electric elemental wolf. Didn't get the element you wanted? Go to a different place and use a wolf clicker to try changing their element! Want to change them back to normal? Use a golden wolf treat!


Skeleton Wolf Treat

Feeding a tamed wolf one of these will transform them into a skeleton wolf! As skeletons, they'll regain health slowly over time automatically, but in exchange they have slightly less health overall. To change them back to normal, use a golden wolf treat. This recipe works with either soul sand or soul soil.


Forgetful Wolf Treat

Accidentally tame one too many wolves? Need to undo giving your wolf an ability? Want to pass your wolf on to someone else? Feed it this treat! The Forgetful Wolf Treat will cause any tamed wolf to forget their owner and remove any and all upgrades given to the wolf (except for transformations). Note that this will reactivate any wild instincts the wolf had before it was tamed, so have a bone at the ready if you want to reset a Dire Wolf without getting eaten.


Other Features

The Wolves+ add-on has a few other features:

  • Wolves have smoother animations for certain actions
  • All wolves have color-able collars - even easter-egg skins!
  • If you hold a stick, you can tell your tamed wolves to roam without following you around. This doesn't un-tame - it just allows them to have the option to wander around your house instead of just sitting in place all day. They'll also still come to defend you if they're close enough to notice a situation.
  • Wolves, tamed or otherwise, will pick up bones that are laying around to chew on them. You can give your tamed wolf a bone too. :)
  • When they don't have much else to do, tamed wolves may occasionally lay down and rest for a bit, or until something interesting happens.
  • Fight Wisely! Tamed wolves now notice if they've taken lots of damage and if so, they will withdraw from battle to avoid getting KO'd. This doesn't always apply though - for example, Dire Wolves will defend their owners 'till the bitter end!


Down, but not out!

If a wolf happens to take some sort of fatal damage, it will enter the "downed" state. A downed wolf becomes immobilized and unresponsive to any commands.

You can revived your canine pal using either a golden wolf treat or a wolf emergency kit. Rescue Hounds can also revive tamed wolves!


Wolf Emergency Kits will revive a downed wolf, bringing them back up to the health that they had just before being KO'd. Kits are consumed upon use. Don't have one? There's another way to revive them!

Dog Houses

Dog houses serve as a sort of "respawn point" for a tamed wolf that gets KO'd. If a wolf is downed for awhile, it'll teleport to the nearest dog house. 

There, it'll rest and recover for a awhile (in-game day or two). You can still revive them with an emergency kit, or via a rescue hound. Once they're done resting, they'll hop out and become available to join you on your adventures again. :)


Extra Protection

This add-on also now includes armor for tamed wolves! Similar to player armor, armor made from higher tier materials do a better job at protecting your canine friend. To remove armor, use shears on the wolf. Only the wolf's owner can change its equipment.


Golden Wolf Armor


Iron Wolf Armor


Diamond Wolf Armor


Emerald Wolf Armor


Netherite Wolf Armor

Netherite Wolf Armor has the same protection level as diamond, with an added benefit of reducing knockback taken. Will eventually be a smithing table recipe, rather than a crafting recipe. The item is not fireproof at the moment, so please don't toss it into lava for fun. :)


Experimental - Hazard Suit

 This is more of an idea that I had that I thought could add an interesting mechanic. If you equip a wolf with this armor, it will render them completely immune to any outside sources of damage - while also rendering them unable to attack. Perhaps this could be useful for mining expeditions or casual strolls through the nether? This armor is currently incompatible with elemental wolves. 




Equipment can be given to your tamed wolves so that they can be even more helpful during your travels! A wolf may only use one piece of equipment at a time. To remove equipment, use shears.


Wolf Fang

The Wolf fang is a specialized blade that a wolf can wield! They give tamed wolves a higher melee attack power. There is a wolf fang for every vanilla sword type. The better the material, the higher the attack power increase.


Wolf Light

This item allows your canine pal to lighten up the area around them, essentially as though they were a moving torch.


Wolf Ticker

A rather expensive item, this will allow your tamed wolves to tick the world around them!


Experimental - Wolf Jet

The Wolf Jet is a device designed to give any wolf the ability to fly. It's still in development, but in its current state, it will allow a wolf to fly around and attack foes from above. It doesn't yet give wolves the ability to follow a player that's using rocket powered elytra, but perhaps we'll get there one day. To remove the Wolf Jet, use shears on the wolf. The way that a wolf uses the Wolf Jet depends largely on the wolf itself - some may fly further out than others. Careful - if you tell a wolf that's using a Wolf Jet to stop following you, it may become very tricky to get them back if you can't follow them into the sky. 


Other Items

Here are some other items you can find in this add-on.


Wolf Whistle - NEW!

The wolf whistle can be used to call your tamed wolves back to you, but you'll have to train them first! To train a tamed wolf, interact with them using the whistle. After that, if you tell the tamed wolf not to follow you, you can use the whistle anywhere nearby and they'll come back to you! Note that this doesn't make them beg and chase you like a treat would, instead it just lets the wolf know to start following you again like normal.


Wolf Clicker

A training tool for dogs in real life, the Clicker can be used to give your tamed wolf a command. This one is still a WIP. Most wolves will try and dig up an item when you interact with them using a clicker, but there are a few exceptions. For example, scent hounds will try to sniff their way home, rescue hounds will use their super bark to heal nearby mobs, and dire wolves can be commanded to chill out and not attack everything. :)


Wolf Bed

What happens when you try to craft together a wolf treat and a player bed? You get a wolf bed of course! Wolf beds are dyeable and wolves (tamed or not) can lay down in one to regain health and rest. Tamed wolves that are following their owner and happen to run into a wolf bed will exit the bed if their owner gets too far away. Telling a wolf to sit or stand will cause it to exit the bed. Wolves will also exit the bed if angered. To remove a wolf bed, punch it.



Craft a stick together with a bone and you'll end up with a toy bone! Once a wolf obtains a toy bone, it'll hold onto it in its mouth and might lay down to chew on it. A wolf can be commanded to drop the toy bone if you sneak interact. Eventually, it'll drop the toy bone on its own, allowing another wolf to pick it up. A wolf that was holding a toy bone will drop the ball if it becomes interested in something else that you're holding or if it gets angry at something.

(If you're upgrading from an older version of Wolves+, the ball toy is now the toy bone!)


Flying Disk

You can craft any slab type into some flying disks! The flying disk is more floaty and can be thrown farther than a toy bone.


Running Rabbit 

Place the Running Rabbit toy on the ground, and it'll run from any wolves that get close, giving your tamed wolves something to chase that they can't kill. Once they catch the toy, it works just like a toy bone. The wolf will eventually drop the toy and it'll run away again.


Pet the Dog

This add-on contains a recipe for an item that will allow you to pet tamed wolves! It's quite simple - just hold the "Pet the Dog" item, and you'll be given an option to pet the tamed wolf you're looking at. You should only need one, as they aren't used up when you pet a tamed wolf. A wolf's tail will wag if you pet them. I'd like to do more with this item at some point in the future.

Canine Inventory!

You can now give tamed wolves an inventory by interacting with them using a chest! A wolf's inventory has five slots.

To open the wolf's inventory, follow these steps: Sit the wolf. Sneak interact with the wolf. Normal interact with the wolf.

To make the wolf stand again, just sneak interact with the wolf again.

Takes a little getting used to, but this is the best I could come up with considering the other things this coexists with, along with the fact that we generally don't have a ton of ways to interact with mobs in general. IMPORTANT: Make sure to empty the wolf's inventory before transforming the wolf into an elemental/skeleton wolf, or resetting the wolf, as doing these things might clear the wolf's inventory!


Known Issues

Her are some common issues that you might run into while trying to use the add-on:

  • At the time of release, the Holiday Creator Features toggle must be enabled for this add-on to work.
  • The bug that was causing render issues with other packs has been fixed, but the rule about pack order still applies. If you find that the normal wolf's geometry or textures look odd, or some animations don't seem to work right, try making sure that the Wolves+ pack is as high up on the resource pack list as it can go.
  • There are some issues with the positioning of some items when wolves are holding them. These things will be ironed out in a future update.
  • Certain Easter egg skins might hide elemental wolves' wings. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • This version is not fully compatible with the Pugs sub-pack from a previous release. I will be working on the pugs soon so that they can get the new features in this version :)


Updating Wolves+ From a Previous Version

I have taken several steps to help make sure that the Wolves+ upgrade process is as smooth as possible, but I strongly encourage you to back up your world before updating Wolves+. There are a lot of moving parts in this add-on, so it is a good idea to take that precaution just in case. If you do have issues upgrading, let me know either here or on Twitter.


A Final Note

As you can probably tell, I really enjoy working on this add-on, so I'll more than likely continue to work on it as time passes to remove bugs and refine/add features - especially as Mojang continues to unlock new add-on possibilities. I hope you enjoy it! Find me on Twitter @JWolf1765 for more add-on stuff. :D 



You may:

  • Use this add-on in your worlds and play with friends
  • Use this pack in a hosted server, just be sure to give credit!
  • Use this add-on in videos, just be sure to give credit!

You may NOT:

  • Take any component of this add-on and pass it off as your own. This add-on represents years of work, so please don't steal it.
  • Charge for access to this add-on in any way, including by using URL shorteners.

You must:

  • Use the direct link to this page if you are sharing a link to the add-on
  • Be a responsible wolf owner. These guys are entrusting their whole lives to you!

Select version for changelog:


Small bugfixes and adjustments:

- Decreased aggro radius of Dire Wolves
- Items are mow much easier to find in creative inventory
- Fixed loading issues on Xbox
- Added recipe for wolf energy barrel


Download the add-on, open it and Minecraft should automatically install it for you. If you're updating the add-on, make sure to back up your world first!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Common problems:
- Tamed wolves are flying everywhere
FIX: Make sure Holiday Creator Features toggle is enabled.

- Wolves are invisible
FIX: Make sure Holiday Creator Features toggle is enabled. Alternatively, check if there could be another resource pack that modifies wolf models/textures. If so, make sure Wolves+ is above that pack in the list.
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This actually Made wolves more complicated than Vanilla cats xd
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Does this addon work on realms and if not are you planning to make it realm compatible?
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Atualiza esse addon por favor para a nova versão, amo demais esse addon, as etiquetas nao funcionam. E pfv traz um addon de raposas tambem pq ate agr nao existe um. Te amo ❤
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I love this mod! the only problem is when i go to make the treats and right click, nothing happens.. what am i missint xD
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I love this! I just have one suggestion. Can you make wolf food bowls? And make the wolves actually eat independently? I would love that. It’s fine if not.
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Removing wolf armor with shears is not working
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Incredible mod, congratulations for your work!! Thank you
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You need experimental gameplay for it to work
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Hey dev, have you ever faced any problem in server like when you leave the server and then you come back then you see your wolf house and other wolfs (except the normal wolf) are gone. Is it your addon or the server? please check it out.
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HI, so i cannot create any of the recipes. ive tried the armor and the dog house and neither of them worked
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This addon is really good, I like how your family requested the element wolf and that wolf is really cool it's sort of like pokemon how you have to give it a certain stone anyways VERY GOOD 5 STARS! (OVERALL)
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I'm having a problem where wolves almost never attack anything. Doesn't matter if I hit a monster or it hits me, the wolves pretty much ignore it. Very rarely they'll go in to take a hit but they usually stop after one. And if I move more than a block away they stop going for the monster and walk towards me.
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When RTX is enabled on Windows 10, wolves are tinted a deep red. This happens with Cats+ too. I don't know if this can be fixed on your end but it only happens with your addons. I've tried other wolf addons and this doesn't happen :( Doesn't for other ones that add custom mobs.
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Figured out that it turns them the color of their collar which is always red until you dye it. I wonder what causes that? If you feel like fixing it (cause it's honestly not the most urgent thing) and don't have access to RTX or a friend with it, I would be glad to help test things.
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ok last comment I promise. is a similar issue so it might be out of your hands, I dunno
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I like it you should make a mod that add Grim from DanTDM and could I be a texture pack?
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It's been a while since I've been back to this page, but since recently the mod had stopped working for my current version of Minecraft I came back to redownload. I'm so glad to see that the creator is still working on this mod and I cant wait to see what they fix/add later on.
I'm currently using the Wolves+ resource on my global resources to add more life to normal wolves and it has been great. I'm more or less waiting for them to add the variant colors and sizes in a pack that can be used as a global resource (which I know might be difficult) but seeing the animations and more in worlds that arent yours just add so much. Thank you!
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