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Published on January 10, 2020 (Updated on January 11, 2020)

Change Course! Minigame!

In this minigame you will have to climb the minecart and touch the levers to change the course of the rail and not die when choosing a bad path, you will have to cross different levels to finish

You show up here

To start the game you must stand on the gold pressure plate

As seen in the images, on the side of the rails there are levers that must be touched to change the course of the railing and not die taking the wrong path

The level ends when you meet this wooden wall, when the detector lane detects the mine carriage the road will open and move to the next level

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V 1.1:

-More minecart has been added to dispensers

-Fixed an issue that caused the player not to die in the final levels

-When the player dies, the minecart will also die. This will prevent certain undesired events

-Added a system that prevents the player from having a minecart in their hand to prevent certain traps

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Link is broken
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Can u download in 1.14.5
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