Published on September 11, 2020 (Updated on September 30, 2020)

Super Minecraft Kart

Have you ever wanted to play a go-kart race in Minecraft? On my map Super Minecraft Kart is possible!. Two amazing race tracks, 4 selectable cars and a multiplayer compatible with up to 4 players.

It is important that you read the installation guide so that you do not make mistakes and be able to properly enjoy the map.

Once you've prepared everything and enter the world, you'll appear here

On the left you will have a place to jump and entertain yourself while you wait for your friends to enter your world. It's a simple thing, as it's not the essentials of the map.

Pressing the button that says "start game" will send you to this player selector. Depending on the number of players on the map, you can choose between players 1 and 4.

To choose your player number you must stand on the pressure plate

When you choose you will be sent to this place, here you will choose with your friends the race track they want to play. It is important that before selecting a track all players have selected a player number. Otherwise you will not be able to play the race.

The tracks available at this time are:

-Toxic factory

-Fast mines

When they choose they will be sent to the go-kart selector

In this case I will show "toxic factory" images

Each player must choose their kart. Once they do, they'll be sent to the track. Once everyone has chosen, they will have 10 seconds to get in their car before the race begins

The toxic factory has a total of 5 laps, each player's laps will appear on a sign on the right side of the screen.

As players finish the race they will be sent to a place where they can watch their friends play until they all finish:

There is this button to go back to the track selector and play another race.

In the new version 1.0.4

Added powers (potions) to gain perks or sabotage your rivals

To collect a power you must pass the potion. You'll see a small animation and get one of the 8 possible effects

Be careful, when using a power all your effects will be removed after 10 seconds

Once a power is collected, it will reappear after 10 seconds for another player to use it.

Here are some photos from the second race track:

Important: If you use my map to create content, place my post link and not the direct links. Otherwise, you may have copyright issues.

Steps to follow to successfully install the map

Once you have downloaded all the necessary files (.zip or .mcworld) (mcpack) (addon). You'll need to follow these steps:

-Install the map

-Install texture packs

-Install the addon

-Go to map settings

-Activate both texture packs 

Once this is done, it should look like this:

-Activate the addon

If you receive a warning sign, you should click on "continue"

Once this is done, it should look like this:

Now if you click on "play"

Important clarification

The addon was NOT created by me. I've created a map that works with that add-on. ALL ADDON CREDITS BELONG TO HERBERT RD. I will not give a download link of mine from your creation. To download this add-on you must follow the link of your publication that is placed in the download sector of this map

Select version for changelog:


Powers were added to the race tracks and their proper explanation is in the map description


-Click on "Free access"

-Click on "Discover interesting articles"

-Wait 10 seconds and click "Continue"

-You will be able to download the map. Sorry not to offer direct downloads but in my situation this alternative really helps me a lot, I hope you know how to understand me and thank you very much for the support 💜


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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3 / 5 (3 votes)
like the map. can't download go kart. i will have to use another go kart addon
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I'm sorry, but there was a mistake and I posted it in another comment

Why can't you download it? I'm sorry to tell you that the commands on the map are made to work with that addon. I would like to pass you a download link but the addon is not my creation and I can't do it :(
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The kart addon isn't even yours, kid.
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Nevermind, you gave credit, sorry about that...
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No problem, buddy. I will only ask that if you like the map, vote again so that there is no such negative review. Thanks for voting :)
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Why can't you download it? I'm sorry to tell you that the commands on the map are made to work with that addon. I would like to pass you a download link but the addon is not my creation and I can't do it :(
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This looks cool, but I really have to say that I like that the ONLY typo in this whole thing is in the literal title of the page, which shows even if you're just browsing.

Real smooth XD
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That's why I speak Spanish and use a translator, so there are usually flaws.

Thank you for your review
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