Published on June 24, 2021 (Updated on July 02, 2021)

Chat Animations

Have you ever wanted your chat to look more animated or just fancier?well this pack has you covered! Adding 4 different types of Chat Animations to make your chat look fancier and more animated!

Chat Animations add Animations to your chat to make it more Animated and Lively

All Subpacks Have a unique animation that moves from the left to the right and right to left after some time






Don’t steal this pack, this was made 95% by hand and none of the code here should be stolen, copied or looked though. This pack has Code that is easily identifiable 

DO NOT Repost this to and websites or apps THIS WAS MADE FOR MCPEDL only 


Join my Discord: 
IGN: Chainsketch 
Discord Tag: Chainsketch#4364 

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Updated pack description to include what you can and cant use the pack for.


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Hello! Is it okay if I can use this on a server or map for example. I will give you all credit to the texture pack!
Can I use this to attach to my pack? I will give this credit!
yoooo this is cool! maybe add a chat appearing from the top? kind of like what gb80's chat animations look like on his recent vids but from the top cause bedrock chat. thanks!
chat from button ?
Minecraft modster June 26, 2021 at 12:00 am
Hello the mod is cool and i would really love to use it in my modpack if that is okay with you?
I don’t allow use of code from any of my packs to be used publicly in other packs, addons, or be publicly posted to any website
I like how chainsketch make lot's of good stuff
i do agree, the chat animations are very smooth now.
one thing i'd like to point out is the delay, it takes 2 seconds for the chat to actually appear after it's been sent. not really a problem for me, but it's something that might bother other people, maybe fix that soon ; )
and one last suggestion, if possible, may you add a bottom chat subpack someday? it would be cool to have for a lot of people :)
oki that's all, very simple but elegant 🧡
For the chat delay he will try to fix it, and bottom chat he *might* not make it but it is compatible with Bedrock button chat resource pack :D
How did you get motion blur
Please make bottom chat version like java edition chat it would be perfect with animations
He *might* not make it, but it is compatible with bedrock bottom chat resource pack :)
It's super cool!
Definitely awesome, keep up the good work!
This is amazing and a must download!