Published on July 03, 2021

Chunk Visualizer

Have you ever had a hard time finding chunks? Maybe you wanted to know if your build is on a chunk border. Ever wanted to know What chunmk your in? This pack can help you with all of those! Displaying a Chunk Map, Chunk Indicator, and Chunk Coordinates.

Chunk Visualizer Is a pack that displays a Chunk Map, Chunk Indicator, and Chunk Coords

Chunk Map:
The Chunk map is a Map that will render in the hud similar to a minimap but instead of terrain or players it renders chunks, and displays a red marker indicating the player

Type 1:

Type 2:


Chunk Indicator:

Shows chunk edges and chunk corners when your on a chunk corner or edge, this is a little indicator incase you cant find the chunk edge or corner on the Chunk Map

Chunk Coords:

Displays your coordinates in chunks, 16 in the x plane equals 1 in the x plane for Chunk Coords:


Chunk Map + Chunk Indicator + Chunk Coords:

Compatible with Force Coords:

Compatible with Madhatter & Ambient's "Chunk Borders"


Madhatter - Chunk Borders Compatiblity


Ambient: Chunk Borders Compatibility



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4.84 / 5 (32 votes)
Rate! it works on 1.18. just one thing. is it possible to switch upper side and bottom side of the map? because when i go north, map animation and arrow go down, and vice versa. if yes, this will become compass feature.
Very useful for redstoners!
Just 100% download it!!!
It isn't working on my aternos server.
What should I do?
Пожалуйста добавьте отоброжение чанков со слизью
Текстур пак офигенный 👍
This is the closest "minimap" well ever get at the moment without using that cringe
all the capes become invisible and the shield becomes bugged on the character that spear on the corner
You are incredible. Thank you so much
Damn bro nice work!

You get 5 stars, and you deserve it
FrostFirePiggyMCPEDL September 16, 2021 at 2:36 am
I have one problem cmon its very simple ok so the first problem is i go to chunk edge and it doesn't say chunk edge which is a bit anoying i want to find the chunk corners and im gonna break the chunk corners but it doesn't cmon just fix that easy
I don't know if it happens to someone else, but when I activate this texture pack the skins of other players are no longer visible and they all become Steve, do you think you will fix it in the future?
bruh is like cheating and is like jelouse when java player find diamond with junk boarder! i just notice that
Bro this is simple but so cool I wanted to ask you if you can make mini map now I know loads of people are asking you this but I have an idea so you know when your holding a map it shows the builds etc? I say just take that and stick it to top right of your screen but make sure they don’t need a map also change tthe shape I guess too but lovely add on I love it 😍
Could you do a minimap? It would be increíble.
And for the next update about this addon, can you make 2 optipns more? An option to put the radar at top and left, and another option to put it at top and right.
Thank you so much for this addon, 5 stars.
Sorry for that strange word, i wanted to write "Incredible" but the autocorrector has changed the word "incredible" for the word "increíble" ("Increíble" is "incredible" in spanish)