Published on July 17, 2020 (Updated on July 21, 2020)

Think Outside the Box (DEMO) Singleplayer

Sooo... this is the first map I’ve built all you have to do is Escape the box Right? Right? There’s a little twist is a box with Shulker parkour and secrets for you to find...

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It's horror?
No it's not horror the first part is just a puzzle but the room is black.
really good, very creative map there is only 1 level but it took me 1 hour to finish it
i cant go in level 1
I think that was a mistake in the map, i just broke the ironbars in creative then i checked the commands block behind it and i saw a mistake there was a chain commandblock at the end with /clear @a [tag = !nnew] if you change that command block to /clear @a and it will work
Hey, if you have any problems with the map I can help just say something if you need help
World is being Converted to mcworld sorry for inconvenience Change will happen in around 24-30 hours
Can u make a mcworld download?