Published on September 01, 2020 (Updated on September 01, 2020)

Cheaper Netherite Recipe

A lightweight pack that changes the Netherite Ingot recipe to require only 3 Netherite Scrap instead of 4, and 6 Gold Ingots instead of 4. It is crafted with 3 Netherite Scrap in the middle row, and 6 Gold Ingots on the two outer rows.


  • CheaperNetherite_1598970974.mcpack

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This is perfect for me! Since I have a gold farm gold is not a problem for me so I guess it's time for me to go mine some ancient debris!
can you let me know how to make a gold farm?
will only spend more gold this addons does not make sense
Requiring more gold is to balance out removing an entire Netherite Scrap, which is a lot rarer.
Gold is a LOT easier to find than netherite, especially because in bedrock edition gold farms are a lot easier to make.