Published on October 06, 2019 (Updated on October 06, 2019)

Cherry Blossom Leaves

This texture pack changes the boring old dull birch leaf texture to be a light pink and look like a beautiful cherry blossom tree. This is perfect for people who get bored of normal birch forests and people who like exploring. This is also great for map creators and decorators.

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Nice I love it alot, but can you change the birch saplings logs and wood items to have a pink colour to it? Thanks
I Love This!
Is there any way that you can change it for it to be the spruce trees instead???
ok u think im normal player no im a youtuber maybe u dont know me but i just download any addon/texture and copy ideas to make texture
ok u think we asked dumbass LOL
okyouthinkwecarebut no so shut up
It led me to a hentai website?
You act like thats a problem
The links are broken.
Is this safe to download? I don’t know if I want to click any unfamiliar links and I’d rather be safe than sorry
Also why in the world are you using addfly? the chances of anyone downloading this are very low due to how easily you can get a virus.
you don't get viruses from downloading mods -.-
Though I love this texture pack, I feel making the birch leaves yellowish and the dark oak leaves pink would be much better then what it is now. Also making it feel more like a pc addon/texture pack
Can you make the dark oak leaves pink and the birch leaves yellow?
Thank you! I’ve been wanting something like this for a while now
I havent tried it out yet, however i would like to say two things.
1. I wanted this, so i went out of my way to fighre out how to use dropbox, which is actually pretty easy, so thank you for helping me, wven if you didn't intend on helping me.

2. This looks pretty!
I think you should turn this into an addon and make the cherry blossom trees seperate to the other trees and have them naturally spawn too