Published on February 03, 2022 (Updated on April 26, 2022)

Chikorita Lover's Bamboo Burnishes

Chikorita Lover's Bamboo Burnishes is a vanilla-style add-on for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition that adds new, bamboo-related blocks to the base game! These new blocks are bamboo planks, bamboo pillars, and bamboo lanterns, all of which provide many new building opportunities.

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Bamboo Burnishes version 1.0.1 makes adjustments to bamboo items.

  • Hardness values for bamboo items lowered to 1.5
  • Bamboo lanterns no longer break when pushed by piston
  • Bamboo planks recipe output increased to 2
  • Pack icon changed
  • Bamboo lantern fixed for 1.18.30



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Thanks for the add-on, this add-on is so cool, one of my favorites!
By the way can you add more bamboo items? Especially items that showed in Minecraft Live 2022
I'm glad you're liking it, this was a pretty fun add-on to develop (especially since I got a bit more experience making block textures)!
I'm not going to add the new bamboo items, since they're going to be added in the next Minecraft update anyways :P
Although, I may come back to update this add-on with new items of my own, and improve upon the bamboo pillars and lanterns – time will tell!
Yes – I'm so happy to see Mojang implement bamboo planks in Minecraft! They look great, and I hope to expand this add-on sometime in the future.
Excellent Addon
- Works on 1.19 (June 2022)
- Works on Realms
- Works with other addons
- has translation into German
- beautiful pastel colors

Addon only used for private Realm! Keep up the good work!
Discord: shice#7151
I think the blocks and textures are cool! 👍
This comment has been removed
Textures look nice and behaviors are good. I hoped you would of made it where you can place the lantern with a item like vanilla lanterns.
good addon, too bad the bamboo flashlight isn't displayed properly in realms :(
The complement is very good, very good work, I really liked it a lot since it gives bamboo more use, hopefully and in another update of the complement I will add more articles,
Add slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates, doors, trapdoors, boats and bamboo spikes plz
Excellent! Thanks for the awesome addon!