Published on December 22, 2020 (Updated on December 22, 2020)

Christmas Presents are Back!

One year since this addon was created, I am rereleasing it to work on the current version of Minecraft!

So, one year on, it's nearing Christmas again, so treat yourselves to the Christmas Presents addon!

There are 4 variants, each with different wrapping colour and ribbon.

All the variants drop the same things, here are the possible reward:

  • Up to 8 cookies
  • Up to 4 coal
  • Up to 1 cake
  • Up to 4 gold nuggets
  • Up to 2 bread

Presents can be found spawning randomly in all snow biomes, they are a great source of resources for any winter explorers! They can also be used as decorations for festive builds.

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Please give credit when reviewing this addon or using in a video.

Merry Christmas!

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Edited description so that it is not identical to the previous (broken) submission.


  1. Download the two MCPACK files provided
  2. Put them onto device via USB if they aren't already downloaded on the device
  3. Make sure Minecraft Bedrock Edition is installed and updated to at least 1.8
  4. Go into the device's files
  5. Open the two MCPACK files
  6. They will auto-import into the game
  7. Go on the resource/behavior pack settings in-game
  8. Activate the files as shown in the description


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Use blocks with custom block models, they are better and dont die in front of you.
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