Published on December 08, 2022 (Updated on December 21, 2023)

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 


Is an addon which gives you the possibility to make a Christmas tree to place it in your home, and that's not all, with the passage of time it will leave you gifts with incredible prizes for your survival, add it to your world and play!.  

"This addon doesn't require activating experimental functions, so your world won't be at risk of corruption."


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  • The tree grows correctly. 
  • Changes in gift crafting (more paper). 
  • Alteration in gift generation. 
  • Changes in drop rates when breaking the tree. 
  • Changes in the texture of the Christmas tree. 
  • Improvements in the texture of the Christmas gift. 
  • The tree lights now illuminate. 
  • The tree can now only be destroyed with axes. 
  • Changes in the probabilities of gifts. 
  • Changes in the times when there is a new gift drop. 
  • New animation for the Christmas tree.


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