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You own a server for the Minecraft Bedrock Engine and you need a spawn? Our new classical spawn map is now available and usable for your own purposes. You can use the spawn without an attribution.

About the map

  • Classical style
  • Ca. 170 x 170 blocks
  • Portal on each of the 4 sides
  • Contains no command blocks

Copyright Notices

A mention of the Blockmatic Studios is not necessary, but we would still be happy if you support us if you like the map!

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- Changed Featured Image (Necessary to submit the creation to MCPEDL)


Supported Minecraft versions

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Can I use it for a map and i will add a credits please i will also say the lobby made by BlockMatic Studios
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Awesome server spawn?
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I have just one question, how did you do to get portal block?
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May I Use This For A Minigames Map? Or Modify/Add Some Buildings, and upload it here?
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Hey Matt! Unfortunately, it is not allowed to modify the map, use it for a mini-game or reupload it to MCPEDL again. We ask for your understanding.
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thats pretty cool that you arent requiring people to put your name on everything and letting people just enjoy this. pretty cool mate
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Thank you for your nice feedback! We want to offer others the opportunity to use our spawns for their own purposes. That is why we do not require attribution :)
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It's incredible how kindly you are to make this! Sadly, I already have a spawn but saw this and thought, wow, that's really kind! 5 Stars for kindness!!
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