Published on July 04, 2020 (Updated on August 12, 2020)

Clothes Addon

Do you want to have different variations of clothing into the game for role play or just want something new to wear apart from your armor? Well this add-on is just for you! Enjoy :D

This add-on adds 5 different clothing in the game. The clothes does not act like armor and does not have any special effects apart from it makes you look cool. This add-on works on every platform and even works with multiplayer and realms without turning on experimental mode.

How can I wear the clothes you asked? You can used commands to put on the clothes.

By doing the "/function" command and adding clothes/'category'/"name" you can wear the clothes.


"/function clothes/body/jacket2"

You would put on the blue jacket.

You can easily remove this by doing

  • /function clothes/remove

You can now change your elytra models

You can change it by doing /function elytra/"name"

You will be able see your elytra model by equipping any kind of chestplate or elytra.

This does not remove the clothes if you have them equipped.

You can remove the elytra custom model by doing

  • /function elytra/remove

I also added 16 variants of bunny ears.

Here as you can see I can equip the bunny ears and the jetpack

You can now customize your shield!

These are the shield designs:

This does not remove the clothes and the shield.

More clothes coming soon!

Enjoy and have fun :D

Select version for changelog:

  • Added 3 new types of clothes the Yukata.
  • Elytra custom model now will not show when the elytra is not equipped.
  • Added 3 new designs for shield.

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4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
helo , looks like u put the wrong texture pack on the download link
plz fix it :)
It doesn’t work on 1.16.200
Hi Amon28, I'm the one who asked you to add bunny ears. And now i finally log in MCPEDL. Thanks for adding bunny ears that i've requested.
Everything is invisible
can't we get it by the commands?
Can you make the Coffin Dance Meme Clothes next???Because it's was the famous cloth...I hope you see this comment...
I was wandering why there ARE no Coffin Dance Meme Cloths in the FIRST version of this addon....
wolf ear or tile
and the jacket is too big
Hi, this addon is very nice, I am using it on a personal server to play with my friends. But I want you to add more clothes and hats. In particular, I want suits, yukata or kimonos, chef clothes, chef hats, glasses and sunglasses, guns on my waist, katanas and knives, and police and robber (prisoner) attire! I'm sorry for having too much desire, but I love this add-on!
Thanks for the suggestions about the chef clothes and chef hats because you can only equip one of each so do you want to equip both if you enter the command?
That's fine, but can't you separate the hat from the clothes?
bunny ears for weebs cringe. but love the addon
Looks nice, I think that more hats would be looking nice :D
I prefer the head decorated than the body. But anyways, nice addon
Can you plz add bunny ears and add 16 colours for bunny ears.
I am first to comment yay! but anways,i have had a problem getting it in my Minecraft world.i would luv to try it but that's a problem