Published on December 31, 2019 (Updated on February 18, 2022)

COD ZOMBIES Inspired: Frostbite [Minigame]

It's Christmas 1944. After a terrible accident involving Element 115, you are all that remains of your German squad. Now you have to fight for your life against your zombified allies with whatever you can find for as long as you can. There is no escape. There is no back up. Just you and a seemingly endless dark, snowy forest....

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Update 7: Highly requested changes finally added


Universal changes (excluding Holiday Themed Nacht Der Untoten):


-added a "Restart Map" feature that allows you to reset the entire map so you start back at the Lobby Room. You can reset the map from the "game over" room/ the room where everyone can check their high score (I still recommend keeping one copy of the map in case something becomes messed up during the playthrough)

-zombies now shouldn't spawn in areas that are not open yet

-updated colored signs on the map to make them more vibrant and visible in darker areas

-fixed issue that may have caused some players to not be able to download the resource packs if they were trying to join the host




-fixed issue where a zombie riser spot would cause the zombies to spawn underground rather than above

-fixed a minor texture error on one of the zombie skins

-fixed issue where a zombie riser spot would cause the zombies to suffocate

Thanks for being patient and, as always, thanks for the feedback!



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So this is a bit late, but the crash issue should be fixed now. Sorry for the late update post
Attention: I've been made aware that some maps (including this one) have been having crashing issues due to recent Minecraft updates. I'm working on fixes and will have an update out soon. I apologize to everyone for the issues.
This is not cod zombie work
I played it once and had a lot of fun. I exited out to play again but nothing happens :( also one of the doors would not open no matter how much flesh i had
You have to make sure you make a copy of the world before you play. Play in the copy and delete the copy once you die. If you want to play again, you have to make a copy of the original again each time and play the copy.
How do u do the Easter eggs??
is the p89 or P something supposed to be a shovel? nothing is working and by that i mean RP and BP only zombies have texture and music is different
I would love it if you could just provide the file instead of a mediafile link.
When I join the game, Minecraft usually crashes.
This was a really great map, I would love to see more CoD Zombies if you ever decide to work on them again. Me and my friends enjoyed playing the map.
Thanks! Glad you and your friends enjoyed the map! I Might make at least one or two more projects. If you haven't already, check out my COD WaW-Verruckt and COD WaW-Nacht Der Untoten also made by me.